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A FAQ link with the most common questions rather then a bulky forum section Answered

So I saw someone asking a FAQ question again today.

Ofcourse what I'm about to propose doesn't stop them all from still doing this but will stop many.

What I propose is that we delete the "FAQ" part of the forums and change this by adding a quick link with "FAQ" next to "Home browse Community Submit"

Now what would this link do? Well I propose we take the most common questions like "My instructable doesn't come up in search" "My ible is not in the contest and it was enterd" "I'm featured what does it mean?" and so on. Answer these questions and make a FAQ section out of them like other sites do.

This way everybody sees a clearly visible link in the top of the screen so they won't go posting forum topics that are answerd in one question again. Like said above this won't stop them all but will stop many useless topics that are answered in one and the same question. This way the number of topics will also decrease and the speed of the site will go up :)

I want to volunteer for making the FAQ section if needed :) Help is always welcome but before I begin I would like to know what the team and other members think of it.

So to sum it up in short. I want to put a link named "FAQ" next to "Home browse Community Submit" which brings you to a number of common questions with the answers to them. (note that this will not be a forum topic). I also want to delete all the topics in the FAQ because we would have taken the most common out of them. The section should remain for questions that have not appeared in the FAQ. When the FAQ text updates those can be deleted again.

Now what are your thoughts on this matter? Aren't you tired of responding every 2 weeks or so a question that has been asked like 50 times already?


Lithium Rain

8 years ago

NachoMahma and a few other members have set up a forum aimed at building just this.

(will post a link later when I get it)

DJ Radio

8 years ago

Seconded, and I'm willing to help out.