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A Few Random Crossbows Answered

I was bored so I made a few small crossbows, the ones with rails are more like indoor toys...they shoot everything and tend to keep it in one piece (most of the time) xD That little crossbow without rails still packs a punch, so don't try and shoot it at someone o.o' And uh that also counts for the other 'little' crossbow.


here is a idea, make the limbs able to bend up and down. and then attach rubber bands to pull it forward. it would make it work better(i think)

You mean artificial bend-able limbs using rubberbands and then using a normal string for tension? Done that before, not on this type though...might try it.

well, you don't need to use a regular string, but i think it would hold up better.

i have done that just string it wasent powerful but it got decent range like 10ft and my boe was no the best the yellow cons that were holding the bow in plae wear out fast

You mean like a band counter-tension technique? Could work, could prove very powerful...

Yes :-) I dont know how much it is helping, but it certainly is to some extent. Its a repeating missle launchine Crossbow. Ive been working on it for a long time. Im gonna enter it for KI contest #7.

Awesome, I wish I could enter, I'd probably enter my bolt action or my semi auto, not that I'd win, but still, lol. Any pics? P.S Sorry wicky for going off topic, you can delete this if you think it is spam.

Yeah, I doubt I will win. Not yet, I will upload them later.

you would have to upload pretty quick, the contests ends May 29 or May 30 (the day before the knex war in Ohio)

make some instrushions pleas i wunt to make it looks bludey powerful

Dear god.... You must have more pieces than Mepain.

I seriously doubt that, in a thread on KI I saw a picture of him having 2 knexsayers at once

2 Knexsayers, and a SR-v2 type weapon.

dont forget 5 killerk pistols, and enough yellow and red rods to load em all 10 times per gun.

And still has more than me and you lol.

Lol even more xd

You have too many pieces.

i cant use ebay my parents would shoot me! i did something i shouldnt've done...

Wow! How much knex do you have?!

About 13 kilo's = 28.7 pounds

But thats not including all the random pieces spread across the room =d


You make my collectoin of knex seem small


9 years ago

I like the mini yellow ones:)

I kinda dislike the one with the red rods...I saw it blow up in his face multiple times already while pulling back the strings...couldn't help laughing xD

LOL, I was talking about the other one, you build it right?

I made the one on the left, hasn't broken as of yet =o (only that one has a close up picture)
The other one was build by someone else

Ooo, well it looks really neat! I like the look of the bow with all the rods.

They actually have a purpose though; they help adjusting power to fit the rubberbands =d

I knew they had a purpose:D

Nice! Have you made anything that didn't use a "string/ tension" mech? Hey you're the crossbow master maybe you could finally fulfill my wishes for a cross bow side arm? Basically I just want a handle loading pistol that's no longer than 9 inches or so and uses a cross bow mechanism for firing. Do you feel up to that? If not I'll give it a go.

I Don't know about handle loading, but the Project Nine is small.

I did make a small rifle using the Blockheads trigger, it wasn't that great though =/

Does that mean that it needs to have a handle magazine? Doesn't seem impossible, but it needs some mechanism to stop the bullets from coming up when pulling back the strings.
Although saying...sounds like a great idea...I think I'll give it a go
And as side arm expert you should give it a go too =d

Alright cool. Yeah I was thinking handle loaded. Oh and if you get creative with it try folding arms so that it can be made compact while carrying it and then while actually using it as a side arm you can prop up the arms. I figured that by using a crossbow mechanism that the power of repeating pistols would increase greatly. Good luck! I'm working on my Assault Pistol but once I get bored of the UMP-45u I'll destroy it and use the pieces on a cross bow pistol. Oh yeah one more thing could I ask you to try if you get done with the side arm (or fail it...hopefully not) a mini folding crossbow? Like make a xbow where the limbs fold in and the handle folds up and possibly make the body telescoping so that it can slide in but I would be good with just the first two. It would be a fun secretive weapon to carry in a pocket.

woah. Thats sweet. You make the coolest crossbows ever.

you have way too many parts (can I haz 1000?), mr.crossbow king.

Ebay rocks to get knex pieces from and even more if you live in the US...I don't live there though =/