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A Give-A-Damn box Answered

I want to make a give-a-damn box. A small box with a 3 way switch that accomplishes absolutely nothing... the switch will simply display a green LED in one direction, red LED if flipped in the other direction, and breaks the circuit entirely if the switch is in the middle. The downside is I know virtually nothing about which resistors I need for which LEDs for which batteries I use. I'd like a single AA or AAA. I know overkill for powering a single LED, but I'm ok with that. The premise behind it is there is an inside joke that a handful of us at work have. Our give-a-damn is broken. So if they see this with the red LED, they know at that moment, I don't really give-a-damn.




8 years ago

This sounds cool, and like a pretty easy project. Here's what you'll need.

5mm Red LED
5mm Green LED
2 "AA" Battery Holder
47 Ohm Resistor
56 Ohm Resistor (Couldn't find a link, but radioshack will have them)
Some sort of On-Off-On Switch

Basically, you need to wire the 47 Ohm resistor to the positive leg of the green LED, and the 56 ohm resistor to the positive leg of the Red LED. Then connect the positive leg of the red LED to one side of the switch, the positive leg of the green LED to the other side, and the positive wire of the battery holder to the middle of the switch. Then connect the negative legs of both the green and red LEDs to negative wire of the battery holder.

I think I'm going to swing by Radio Shack tomorrow, but I think I want to use 10mm LEDs instead. The red one might even be a blinker. I've got a few 10mm white LEDs sitting at home, but would rather not color them. I'd rather buy them already colored. Thanks for the parts list! SPDT should work great, I already know the kind I want. I even have the 2x AA battery holder as well. Probably the resistors, but I'd have to dig. I bought a ton of stuff about a year ago, but haven't done much with it, yet. I guess I need to start somewhere!

Cool! Post pictures when you're done.


8 years ago

I suggest you put it in a round enclosure with "TUIT" on top, and tell people that your round tuit is broken, and you'll do the job when you get a round tuit.

lol that's awesome, but I won't make that an electronic one. It'll just be a broken container with TUIT on it.

The standard response to "I know virtually nothing about which resistors I need for which LEDs" is this: http://led.linear1.org/1led.wiz
-because it does the job well.
You need a simple single pole double throw switch the LEDs, batteries and an appropriate resistor. Or if you match the batteries to the LED forward voltage might manage without. Two AA or AAA should run red/green.


That link is phenomenal!

The LED one is pretty good, hope it helps. L


8 years ago

Ooh, could also use a single RGB LED and wire up 2 of those to an SPDT switch like Lemonie said.

Hahahahahahahahaha awesome idea!