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A Grammar Cop to end all Grammar Cops Answered

The Language of Bad Physics is a blog devoted to complaining about poor language use by physicists, in particular in published papers.  And you guys thought Kiteman and I criticized too much!

By the way, check out her 13 October entry, where she rips apart a recent crackpot without even needing to point out the physics absurdities.

Minor update:  Gender references corrected.  Thanks, Lithium Rain!



Send Lira to study physics for a few years, that's what you'd get.


ROFL! I don't know whether to be terribly complimented or intensely offended.
(Actually I've kicked that idea around...)

Be complimented.

I'm tossing around the idea of going back into teaching physics as a single subject.

Are you at a high school or a college?

I teach in a Middle School, but our local authority is closing middle schools to save money improve education, so I will be moving to teach in a high school.

Hmm, we don't have Middle School in Australia, we just have Primary School, High School then College.  I'd reccomend you coming to my school, but it would be kind of weird if you were my teacher.

 Ahh, I thought you were shuddering at the idea...

I wholeheartedly encourage you... I bumped into my old physics teacher the other day, the old crone... You'd make up for at least ten awful teachers...

Haha, nice.

And...call me crazy, but this author looks like a lady to me...

Careful Jessyratfink doesn't find out you're commenting on the appearance of a woman on the internet. ;-)

.  heehee  If she gives me any guff, I'll just tell her how cute she is when she's mad.

Wow, I remember that too - of course, that was only about 35 years ago ;-) 

You're crazy.Was that right?

And I have unconscious sexist biases.  What do you expect from a Dead White Guy?