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A HUGE Spider! (UPDATED) Answered

I found this HUGE spider in my house!!!
That is the biggest spider I have ever seen in my life! :O

I don't know what kind of spider is that, can you please tell me!

I will give you some clues...
  • Found in south London UK
  • Has some hair all over its body and legs
  • Has dark red legs
  • Has brown/black body
  • Has two funny looking antenna (with a 'ball' on the end) on its head

Also, I used a pound coin and a penny to scale its size.

I hope you know what this creepy crawly is!

Thank you for telling me what that spider is! A common brown spider...
They are harmless, large, and very common in southern UK and in most places of the southern world...
You americans should be happy about not having those giant spiders crawling around your homes.


YOU STOLE MY PET I'm coming bob!

Good? I thought it was bad, because how are you going to fine him?

When I got him at the pet shop I had them install a chip in him so if he ever got lost I would be able to track him down.

hate spiders

Yeah, you don't want to meet a hugh one...

Any walk in the woods around here will find argiope spiders and golden silk spiders. Personally in my yard I have Venusta orchard spiders, spiny orb weavers, black and brown widows (thou I try to keep them under control), various crab spiders and wolf spiders. The wolf spiders are great because as active hunters they keep the palmetto bugs under control. The pic down below is a Venusta orb weaver that was on my porch and an Argiope in my yard.


Wow, lots of interesting spiders! For some reason, I like the golden silk spiders (I call them "Banana spiders") the best...

Haha, I was about to say that I call it a banana spider as well. I was hoping to get a picture of one when I went home, but we only found a GIGANTIC wolf spider.

I don't think I ever saw a wolf spider. I might have, I don't know...

There was a wolf spider in the little boy's room at school... I peed on it and ran.

Yeah, it scared me. It was little bigger than a quarter, so not huge.

No, these are very common in southern USA. What are you talking about? That guy is little.

Ah, yes! I see what you are talking about. I have seen the all the spiders quite a few times in the forest and the swamps of Louisiana. I very often see the golden silks (I call then "banana spider"), they also make HUGE webs about two feet or more!

Banana spiders are awsome! They start out tiny and shed their exoskelton every week or so until they full size. They also build a trap door into their web. If you poke a banana spider on it's web, it goes straight throught to the other side.

Yeah, I've seen one in the woods before, really cool.

at my cottage, on the docks, we have much larger (dock)spiders than that, their legs, from one side to the other can be up to 5 inches, and they can run on water, but dont think they bite, not like i give them the opportunity if it can be avoided...

Holy crap! That is huge!

Can you post a picture and what are they called? Just dock spiders, right?

i think we have a pic some where of me holding one in like a ziplock tuperware, and it fills the whole thing, and im pretty sure theyr just called dock spiders

P.S big fan of the mini shocker, impossible to solder for me, but still super cool

Thanks! And I am hopefully try sell some of them soon...

id pay for that anyday, hell il take 2 : P how much yougunna charge for each of them?


9 years ago

Here's a good sized spider I just photographed in the backyard...He's a fighter--missing three legs on one side! Wouldn't want to tangle with him, he looks like a survivor....


Wow! I never seen a spider that is missing legs...

Doesn't seem to miss 'em--judging by his well-fed spider belly.

I bet whatever cost him those legs fared worse...

I don't know what that is. But have you ever heard of the brown recluse spiders? The bites are nasty.

whopped 3 of them in my office in the last month ,around here called fiddle back spiders ,the rock wall off back steps are full of black widow spiders they get nice and fat nether are aggressive as long as they eat the bugs and stay outside is fine with me.

i store my tools right under the house other day this fiddleback was waiting right inside the door ,scary part?have a terrible infestation of camel crickets under there too and they jump all over the place so that is past freaking out lol


No spiders bites, don't think they like the way i taste,wish i could say same for all the bugs around here

these guys eat the bugs around here we call them wolf spiders ,the morter joint on the wall is 1/2 inch or about 12.5mm .They do not bite people ,and move really fast