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A K'nex Gun that shoots grenades. Answered

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a K'nex gun that had 2 triggers, one for shooting grenades and one for shooting rods. If anyone has ideas please tell me of if it already has been done give me the link.


lol it wouldnt be hard why dont you just try thinking for yourself instead of other people giving you directions?have a lil experiment with triggers and such and then if you cant think of something then go through all the knex instructables and find something.

Thats awesome thanks joeshmoe? Lmao weird name..

just a tip, when you hit the orange "reply" button on the lower right hand corner of a person's comment, your comment will be posted as a reply to that person's comment, that way you don't have to say the name of the person you are talking to, this is also the reason that some people's comments are slightly to the right and below someone's comment.

Actually, i've aready seen one of these, Here it is