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A Mistake? Answered

Is this contest a mistake? Only 10 days till it closes and only 10 entries... that is pretty lame.... Instructables has never had a contest like this one, where you have to have in a way a specific product and hack it... What is your opinion on this contest??? Thanks!


We started running this contest because we've seen our stuff hacked in creative, unexpected ways that we wanted to reward. It's really pretty simple. We're sorry about shipping issues--we know this is a problem for a lot of folks; we're working on it--and we're hoping the extended deadline will help, too. This is our first time doing this and we're learning as we go. So all that said, and knowing we haven't had a huge volume of entries, we're still really impressed with the hacks that have been entered, and thanks to Instructables for helping us make it happen. :)

I am not blaming you... I am nut familiar with the problem of shipping, but I understand... I posted this topic to see what other Instructables users, maker, inventors, hackers... think about this contest... I personally think the contest is a good idea, but the accessability of the products post a problem... Cheers :D


9 years ago

thank you for the extra time, its still going to be tight but i think what im trying to do is a little bit more reasonable now

Honestly I'm not impressed. This should be open to copy their products too. They have tons of products that I would try to copy and improve.

I've actually copied many of their products, mainly apparel. I made a totoro hat, and to be honest, I prefer mine over theirs. Also, some of the stuff that they have is so basic, and when they sell it for ten bucks, I would rather make it, than order it.

Yea, i made/replycated some of their products but they don't ship to my country... How about you?

Mainly clothing items. I've noticed that their shirt designs are shirt (without the r). I can get the same life out of one of the thinkgeek t's as I can by making my own with an iron on transfer. I got a Doctor Who shirt. It smelled really nice, and looked awesome out of the box, but after five or so washes, the image on the front started to fade and showed some cracks. I was sad.

I also bought a coldheat from thinkgeek. And then I destroyed it in frustration.

I have one project in the works. I'm making an 8-bit tie.

Cool, too bad about the shirt...just shows the quality... :P

I agree, but, I think the point is for them to earn some more $$$ and I don't like the idea of having to buy something so just that I can enter.... :/

It's not just to get instructablers to buy their products, they are trying to get traffic for their site. Not to mention, many people, such as myself, have a couple hackable thinkgeek products lying about the house. But I agree. Not everyone does, and not everyone will be able to buy such things before the deadline.

I actually ordered my camera (with plans to modify it) the day before the contest was announced. I couldn't believe what I was seeing when the contest popped up the very next day! I think everyone is waiting for their package, I know mine was delayed.

Another note: when I entered the contest, it said that the Instructable needs to be reviewed by one of the contest admins before it is excepted as an entry. There could be more than ten entries; they could just be in holding for review.

The review is normally only a few hours at most.

So, in a way that comes out of the question, people aren't really interested or more likely, like me, just don't have the $$$ to buy 2-3 thinkgeek products.... and hack...

I think we'll settle back and see what happens. Maybe, if they do a similar contest again, they ought to offer a reimbursement prize as well.

Yea... I mean, the prize is not much knowing that really cool things at TG cost a lot... but hey... it is still a lot of $$$

this is disappointing that you have to only use products from think geek. There is nothing that I can afford yet hack.

LoL, I guess not but there are a lot of things that you can do with a T-shirt than just ware it...

I browsed a lot on thinkgeek and for most of the products I can think of a hack BUT: 1. The shipping costs $$$$$$$ a LOT 2. My country isn't on the list 3. I actually think this is a cool contest, the hacking part, but the HAVE TO BUY A PRODUCT part is the one i really don't like...

I am still trying to get some parts together for something here...but my time and budget are limited....*sigh*

Well, you don't have much competition, enter anything and you have a very very big chance of winning... :P

Well, I do want it to be a little better then attaching some LEDs to something :-)

Well, hope you finish on time! :D

I agree with kiteman. People always wait until just before the closing of the contest, like what I am doing with the epilog challenge (more like procrastination, other projects get in the way). And, with the added effect of getting the products from an online source, many people do not have a choice (shipping, etc.).

I actually meant because people will have been waiting for their purchases to arrive before being able to work on them. Maybe a longer deadline would have been more appropriate.

Expect a late rush of entries.