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A New Age of Politics Answered

As technology evolves, the world of politics has followed suit. The integration of the Internet with the elections--as represented by the attempt at YouTube Debates--has drastically changed the workings of the political cycle.

There's a new development: using internet spiders (related Instructable here), people have started to track changes on candidates' websites to see how their views are shifting and to try to show flip-flopping (named after, but not as much fun as, flip-flops). Regardless of your political leanings, this will definitely force all candidates to be more careful not only with what they say, but what they write as well.



I've seen this post on other sites and I am still confused - why does it matter if a candidate changes his/her website? His comments are completely different, but not mutually exclusive. Are people so stupid they buy the hype?

. I didn't see where joshf said the candidates were (or were not) flip-flopping, only that this was one way to tell if they were. He left it up to us to decide. . . Yes, many ppl are that stoopid, but, as far as I can tell, joshf ain't one of them.

The point is that he is flip flopping just to get the support of both sides.
I wouldn't want a president who wants a war, starts it, then says I never wanted a war.

I'd vote for Obama, unfortunately he hasn't got a chance, black man up against well connected old white man... the elections are a fix and nobody is gonna fix them for obama... its a shame, i really think he could have made a diffrence

Have you looked at the CNN polls lately?!? By the way I would vote for Obama too.

yea, in a free truly democratic election Obama would win, its what the people want. unfortunately there is no way in hell the American government are going to let a black man govern America. The elections are a show, an act put on by the American government to make the population believe they still have some say in what goes on, whoever gets the most votes, it doesn't matter the inner workings of the government decide who wins and who looses. Obama wants to withdraw all troops from iraq - fast...... thats not going to happen, Obama will be assassinated if he tries to do that . No troops in iraq? no more war profiteering, no more oil, no more arms deals, that's one hell of a big no no for the US And on top of all that, he's black... powerful elements of the us government are white supremacist, given the choice they'd probably reinstate slavery. its ridiculous, but true, he hasn't got a chance of leading the US, i mean look at McCain he's pretty much the perfect candidate, White, friend of bush, connected to other insiders in government, and he will stay in Iraq, not much more the gov could ask for.

My mom would love to see that picture. I think I'll show it to her.


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