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A Non-Stop Patch Contest! (Temporarily closed) Answered

I'm pinching an idea from Fungus Amongus...

My second favourite form of poetry is the Haiku - a deceptively simple form, with nice simple rules.

  • Three lines
  • Five syllables in the first, seven in the second, five in the third.
  • Preferably contains a subtle reference to seasons, nature or time.

My favourite form of poetry is scifaiku - Haiku with a science-fiction theme. The rules are more flexible, but the aim is still to be minimalist, implying much more than is written down.

So, here's the contest - write a Haiku, a scifaiku or even a DIY-ku.

It's a non-stop contest - every time one takes my fancy, I will award a specially-designed patch.

allons y!

Inspirational update:

Have a look at the work of Kobayashi Issa - you can even get random examples sent to your email address.


I have just awarded my last patch - feel free to keep adding haiku, but I can't award patches at the moment.



OK, that is the hardest I have laughed in forever


i made some ice cream
cause there is snow on the ground
and we had some cream

no more patches yours
hiakus i will wright though
because i like them

Monsters are coming They are here to eat us all Help, oh, please help us.

I'm sending the monsters to you first if you don't give me a patch!

Silver, crucifix,
Holy water, oaken spike,
Mistletoe and salt.

Bring it on, monster-boy!

Oh I will. (You should probably go ask gmjhowe for an awesome monster fighting weapon if you ever want to make it out alive!) Muahahahahahahaha!

Useless arguments
Bring pain to forum topics
Please to patch him now


Though he thinks he should
The verse it must be liked first
Then he gets his patch.


You make a good point But the guy will spam Better to just patch him now

Goodhart is right Rain
He should make a good Haiku
Before he's patched

I just wanted to go into the haiku debate =P&

But he did make a good one
At least I thought so
Good grief; give the man a patch!

In your eyes it's good
So if that is really the case
You give him the patch



(I just realized Your last one and my last two Not really Haiku!) Ah, but that I could I have been too generous Only one patch left

Oops, I forgot to condense: So if that's really the case

Oh so sorry that
You are out of your patches.
I'd share if I could.

Aw, thank you so much I would not deprive you, though (That is very kind)

That was... poetic.

Would you both (GH & Lira) like a second 575 patch?

That is very kind So much generosity Tardis one, you like?

Absolutely, yes! Doctors' popularity Ever enduring.

This is annoying.
But it is so strangely fun
Give me patches now.

Kiteman is the best
he is on instructables
doing DIY

*grovel* *grovel*
that better give me a patch when you get back :D


have to learn latin
i really hate to do it
but i'm forced to

i love longboarding
you go realy really fast
and you crash alot

micky minnie mouse
i really hate to watch them
exept when he's shot

obama is nuts
suposedly misguided
this is the last line

my p.e. teacher
push-ups in the parking lot
eew bloody knuckles

my little brother
likes to wrestle with my cat
he gets scratched alot

i wrote haikus
i really want a cool patch
haikus for you

In fact, I tweaked the patch to make it special as my last one:

575 patch.JPG

Make your own haiku
With just an Arduino
And an Altoids tin.


8 years ago

Forever I waited
To submit haiku to you
But now I just did.


8 years ago

The storm is coming
To snow cover the landscape
Along with my deck

I'm so out of practice with Haiku's. I remember in grade school the teacher taught us a trick to count syllables, but I can't remember how.


(I only have three left, though)

This isn't mine, but it's really cool nonetheless:

Top prime's divisors'
product (plus one)'s
factors are ... ?