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A Photoshop contest! Answered

Hey, world! I have a challenge for you. 
Your mission...
should  you choose to accept it...
Is to photoshop that picture of the eye down there better than anyone else!
AND IF YOU WIN! You won't get anything. Sorry. This is just for fun! :D  The deadline is TBD (to be determined), so go and manipulate!! Post your entries in the comments.
**EDIT: Because an anonymous person *cough* ^kiteman^ ,your photoshop must resemble an eye.
***EDIT No. 2: The deadline in January 31!


I have 'shopped it into a gorilla - I am particularly proud of the paunch details.


even less time....but more subtle

also, kitedemption


15 minutes or so.....


Not amazing, very simple GIMP.


Mosaic with an oily eye.

layer 1.jpg

I too am rubbish with photoshop, so I messed around with the image until it looked a tiny bit arty,


Well, that's two of us that actually had a go so far. You textured it? Try some under "stylize", "glowing edges" is quite good.


I don't know what I did. I put an image underneath, pressed some buttons and changed the opacity. I then pressed some more buttons and uploaded it :D

Ah, layers. Yes I did that too, but with a bit of "rubbing-out"


That's basically what I did with my rainbow eye, because I wanted to keep the reflection on the eye.

The reflection really stuffs-things-up on a lot of effects doesn't it?


It's only a quicky, I'm not really very good with Photoshop.


eye copy.jpg

Nice. is that a plugin? I only have Gimp .

I'm sure you could do it with GIMP, it's just PhotoShop, no plug-in.


i think it's from the lord of the rings. You can use gimp, too... it's what i have.

why, thank you, Lemonie of the Lemonie dynasty, your lemonieness!

Any specific themes? Also end date?

No specific themes, just make it look like an eye *cough* kiteman!
I'll decide the official end date when more people enter, so approx. 1-2 weeks.