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A Question about music instrumental Answered

Hi I want to make a device that have 1 input of microphone jack and have 2 output,one for headphone and second for microphone again (so i can connect it to computer for recording).Why ? Because when I enable the function on Adobe Audition CC (Program of Computer for recording) that I hear the microphone voice on headphone,It is a kink of disorganized I mean that the voice on headphone has delay about 1 second or less than 1 second but it make Confuse a person.

So I think that when the voice come on a device and it mix and shoot on headphone directly it will not delay and it must shoot the voice on 2 outputs, one for headphone and second for PC for recording.

I know that it is the Audio Mixer works but Audio Mixer is a little bit expensive and I think that is it possible to make this device at home ???
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