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A Screen capture software that can export to Quicktime (.mov) !? Answered

I'm looking for a Screen recording software that can export to Quicktime (.mov). I tried capturing what I want in avi format and then converting it, but the quality suffered too much. I want a screen capture that records directly to MOV. I had the Camtasia trial, so I guess I can't download it again... I also have Camstudio, but it can only export to avi or swf. Help??


I check on the Internet and find only few screen recoder can do this, like
River Past Screen Recorder. I am using another call DemoCreator, which just can export to avi or swf, but I like its editing function.


9 years ago

for Mac? You might try Snapz from Ambrosia Software; I haven't used it personally, but I've been pretty impressed with some of their other software (cough. nice games)