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A Shrine to All Things Jay & Silent Bob Answered

Another highlight of my trip to the great state of New Jersey: a visit to "The Secret Stash," a store dedicated to Kevin Smith, writer and director of movies such as Chasing Amy, Clerks, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and a comic book writer. Smith was born in New Jersey and many of his movies are set there.

The store is in Red Bank, Smith's home town and just a few miles off of the Garden State Parkway. There is just about everything from his movies and comics in merchandised form, from bobbleheads to the coat that Silent Bob wears. The store also has a huge collection of comics. Plus, they had no problem with taking pictures in the store--which means all of you who are not able to make the trek out to the fabulous Garden State can still catch a glimpse of the memorabilia.

As Mel Brooks says in Spaceballs: Merchandising--where the real money from the movies is made.


Cool, I used to live 2 blocks from that store in my Bachelor days. Good times, good times! I used to see him in the neighborhood occasionally. Bruce and BonJovi are in town a lot too.