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A Story of Mine: Answered

I've been a working on a tale for quite a while now. I've managed to finally write the proluge (like 1 page lol), and I'd appreciate it if you had a looksee and tell me what you thinkee. It's a fantasy/sci-fi story about a guy who gets himself drawn into an alternate universe full of elves, vampires, dragons, and tings that go bump in the night... Please excuse my rather poor story-writing skills, my brain runs on a graphics-based OS, not text-based.


add me guyz i'am a new in BEARSHARE THANKSSSSS....:)

then what happens??? keep telling it. it sounds good

Ok I'll try to type up some more... After reading what you have read, would you purchase a paperback copy of it?

After reading what you have read, would you purchase a paperback copy of it?

When it's about a first book, one should write mainly for the pleasure, not with the hope to sell books or to become a great writer.
As I said in an intructable about writing fictions : "Don't run after illusions ! Create them !"

Plus, if it's your first attempt to write a book, your style will evolve all along your writing (which also mean that you'd have to "rewrite" your first book a second time to make it homogeneous).
So, your current first chapter might not be the best sample to show us ... it's too early to ask this kind of question.

Else, about what you've written so far, I'm afraid I can't give you a useful advice as I don't really master your language and have not read enough novels or fictions from UK or USA to compare with ...

My only advices are : If you like writing stories, just write them for your pleasure. Once achieved, keep it in a corner for at least three months, then, read it again and you'll have a better idea about how good or how bad it is.
If you want some more advices of this kind, read the last step of this instructable.

*Slaps head* Why didn't I find that ible before? I was just asking to se if it was worth trying to get it published, I figured the publishing people would read the first page and decide LOL.

I don't know if the publishers' mentality is the same in USA than in France, but I highly recommend you to contact them only when you'll be 10,000% (or even 1,000,000%) sure that your writing style is mature, and that your story will catch as much readers as possible ... Here, there are not enough Fantasy readers. So, most publishers don't want to take the risk to publish french fantasy writers. They usually prefer to translate best sellers from other countries ... Here, they don't like to take risks with new writers. They prefer to spend money on what already works ... Also, it's generally preferable to send them only the first chapter of your book. If they liked it and think it is publishable, they will contact you. However, do that only when you're 10,000,000,000% sure to be ready ... If you do that too early, you'll just waste a chance, and you'll feel frustrated.

Fantasy and science fiction books are big here, and most of them are absolute crap. It shouldn't be too hard LOL.

lol If they're less picky, then don't wait to be 10,000,000,000% sure before you try your chance. 100% should be enough finally ! ;o)

paperback, yes. but not hardcover. i dont like paying extra to have the cover image printed on cardboard, as opposed to paper.

Ah come on, buy the leather bound, gilded version!

RocketScientist , you have a nice writing style dude, and good varied vocabulary! Carry on writing it. Who knows it may become successful, but i strongly agree with chooseausername, the first book should be for pleasure on writing the story.

Yah I agree, I was just trying to see if it would be worth the haggle of trying to publishing it.

You are not saying what you attached here is the "first chapter or so" are you ? That would be a very short chapter, and unless the book as over 100 chapters, the book will be short too. The storyline is coming along, it needs a little refining IMHO, but is getting there. Be careful of words you have used that are spelled correctly but are the wrong words for the idea you are trying to get across: For instance: But what would through a shadow on a moonless stormy night? the word through should be throw. That kind of thing. Not bad for a rough draft though ;-)

Whoops, don't know how through got in there *shoots auto correcting Clippit in head* I guess it's the prologue then?

well, it is a start :-) unless you mean for this to be a short story?

Heck no, three book trilogy. I've got the rough storyline hammered down.

'...'three book trilogy.

LOL. Good luck! (No, seriously, awesome will power!) I'll agree with Goodhart; wayyyy too short for a chapter, a few errors here and there, but overall it's really good. Keep it up!

Thanks! Now from what you have read, would you buy the paperback copy?