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A Study on the Geographical Locations of Instructables Users Answered

I'm considering hosting the Instructables "Show and Tell," for the Chesapeake Bay area, but I'm unsure of how many people I would be preparing for. I'd like to know if I'd be the only one there ;) Right now, the easiest thing I can think of is to start an Instructable group for each state, and people can let others know through joining that states's group. Any other ideas?


I'd recommend city only; having street addresses visible isn't a great idea.

I actually posted a full address just hoping that someone would start an argument over the dangers associated with doing so. (What's someone going to do, mail me a rotten fish?)

More like show up are your doorstep.... Or even scam you or someone else using your address.... That's the same reason why you shouldn't post license plates - to prevent someone from the other side of the country from forging your plate :/ All of which... not very good thing :(

Probably a good idea -I'm going to add a note on that page.... Mine looks like it pinpoints me... but, there's about 150 residences at that address :)

...and mine jjjuuuuust below yours in a vague(ish) area

I wonder how many UK Instructablists there are?

Very few I believe. I posted a few instructables (deleted now...long story but got a bit fed up with some of the negative and unnecessary comments) and had a link or two to my site and only had about 10 hits from UK as opposed to about 10x -20x the amount from the US


11 years ago

But how do we mass-distribute it?