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A "Thank you" to an anonymous doner... Answered

Someone gave me a free pro membership.  Since I do not know who it was and thus cannot thank them personally on their orangeboards/PM's, I have decided to post this topic to publicly thank the person who gave it to me. 

To whoever gave it to me, you know who you are, thanks a bunch.  And the timing couldn't have been better, my birthday is coming up soon lol.



8 years ago

lucky! my birthday is on the 1st of febuary

cool, im getting alot of nerf guns for a war!

are you gonna be 14?

We won't tell!

Client confidentiality and all that.

that is so weird!!! like really, if i were to give someone a gift, i would tell the, or have an admin tell them!!! im just really confrazzled, i thought giving the gift of a membership was a good thing.... wtf!!!  can you tell me if it was a random account someone made just to send it or was it an active member who just decide to do it?

Gifters are given the option to be anonymous. This gifter took that option.

 wtf!!!!, ok ok i get it. gifts=bad so if you give a gift the you=bad, so when he gave a gift, that made him bad so he did not want to be known. that makes sense.

I can't speak for this specific gifter, but some say that to give is good, but to give anonymously and not be thanked is even better. Therefore it's more altruistic and not expecting to look better in the eyes of the receiver or the community.

 whatever man. i like giving a gift to a friend , and them saying "thanks bud!" and thats that.

Not even for a fifty dollar bill...? Actually, I want that.
Not even for a patch of a fifty dollar bill?

Sorry, our honor is worth more than a devalued portion of your currency, good sir.

Mm, doner! Sounds good right about now. The food of Germany is some of the greatest!

A lot of Germans are Turkish...


Another one. Use the options to the fullest!


Very cool, DJ.  And deserved, given your long and strong participation at I'bles.