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A Tony Stark(Iron Man) Chest Cooler/Fridge? Answered

Has anyone tried to make one of these coolers that tony stark has?  Or even so, any ideas on how to make one? he opens it up and the drinks and glasses raise up like they are on pistons of some sort. I would love to make something similar to this, if not the exact same. So Suggestions? Ideas?


Didn't see the movie but it is probably some scissor-lift mechanism under the tray. It can be motorized or spring actuated and triggered to push up when the cover is opened or lowered when the cover is closed. Good luck.

thanks, ill look into a scissor-lift. But i think its more then that...the way it happens is real cool. Sort of how the doors on Star trek open...with that sound. Sounds like air being pushed.

Look for the star trek door ible. The compressed air is moving push cylinders. Hydraulic oil rams is probably overkill for this, you can use an electric screw drive for the motor and simulate the sound through some speakers.

Thanks, love that door. Now i want that! But anyway, the screw drive might work. Im going to look around, like at screen door pistons, and like the ones on my trunk of the car, maybe those will work.