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A click on "view all steps" should link to page 2 of the article Answered

Hi everyone!

I think a click on "view all steps" should link to an anchor on page 2 of the guide. Often you´ve read the first page (which can be very long) and when you click "view all steps" you have to scroll through the entire page 1 again.

Its a small and easy fix. Just add #page2 and change the link to <a href="http://path/to/full-article/#page2">


After the fourth try to get all 9 steps I wrnt my time is much more valuable to me than is trying to get the steps to open up. Thisn was my first a nd my last attempt for any type of serious consideration of your entire product.

I agree, Michael. I've often thought the same thing. The only work around I've come up with is to click the little (unlabelled) "all steps" icon, at the top of a page, before reading the article at all - which defeats what was intended, of course. They clearly only wanted to show all steps to people who'd read the first one and wanted to see the rest, all on one page, but as you've pointed out, that doesn't work well, and they never seem to fix anything, no matter how obvious it is that it needs fixing.

I misspoke in my earlier comment, so I removed it to avoid confusion.

Instructables now show all steps for all visitors, whether logged in or out.

When did that happen?

I agree, that does now work, but this is the first time I've been aware of it working. Maybe I'm not normally logged in?

If you don't want it to show all steps for those who are not logged in, the post about adding #anchortag to the URL for step 2 should work - if you put a HTML anchor tag on step two.

I'm sorry but I must apologize my ignorance of computer and it's language.which is an entirely new issue,of I believe all providers.You refer to this default and I'm not sure by what that means.And if you could or would explain what that is without falling into the computer language lingo I for one would appreciate it. What is default?