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A day in the life of a new wave costume. Answered

I had to do something for Halloween so I threw this together this morning. I had no idea what I was but my coworkers decided I was new wave. So here's what I did in my costume today. (About half of them are posing. What else was I supposed to do?!) #1 - I started to get ready. #2 - I got bald. #3 - I cleaned the litter box. #4 - I ate some appropriatley colored sherbet. #5 - I did my best Marilyn Monroe impression. #6 - 8 - I posed. #9 - I posed with Ms. Jade Pants. Because it's her birthday! :D #10 - I posed with other people! Left to right - Delores + tatto sleeves + B. Dingle, Death, Me, a demented zombie Nurse, Buckethead. #11 - I did the nightly paperwork while looking very spaced out and then went home.


Beautiful skull (pic #2), but horrible shoes (pic #3 and #4) !!!

Hot! I'm allowed to make comments like that. She's my lady. That was a nice last-minute costume you put together. Wish I could have been home to dress up with you.

Next year we can! I'm really voting for you going as Jesus and me as the devil. :P

Did your cat still recognize you in the wig?

They were more freaked out about the blad cap, actually. I tried to pick Didi up while wearing it and she ran out of the room. :P

Nice effort!! I decided to dress as a devil at the last moment..... It's amazing how good a job tomato sauce mixed with PVA glue can do! So glad i dressed up though

Hahaha, what a mixture. :O Do you have any pictures?

I do but... On ma phone... not good quality... Just basic stick on horns/ears,some wound patchs I had from last year, claws and a plastic (real enough looking) meat cleaver which I straped to my hand forearm with a whole heap of rusty wire.... added that whole SAW effect... kinda creepy... Tomato sauce isn't my first preference... but forgot it was halloween.... I'm in Australia.. So... not so many reminders...