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A device to log power from a outlet? Answered

Hello everyone,
I am not sure if this is the best section for this. Would anyone know of a device that a novice could plug into a power outlet and it would monitor the power usage to see if there were any drops in power at certain times? I know there are high end AC/DC voltage meters but I need something I could send someone and have them just plug it in to the outlet and it would log everything. Then someone could read those results later. I would image something used in some form of solar setup would achieve this.

I appreciate any help I can get on this.




Look up the "kill-a-watt" meter. I think there may be some arduino projects to tie in to it so it logs usage. Good luck.

Do you know if it would show drops in power? Meaning if a circuit is overloaded and power to a specific outlet loses power?

This is perfect! Ideally if I could find one that I could remote into or pull the logs that would be ideal. But hey I am not going to complain I can write the info down. I am thinking I can even create a simple calculator that these values could be inputed to give me a bigger break down over time. Thx again!