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A few projects of mine Answered

i have just come back from a nice long holiday up to snells beach (i dont really think that i needed to say that since i am the only new zealander on ibles but what the heck) and did some building.

First thing is my prototype tank. i ran out of peices (only the gears) so it wont go any further. and yes the track does move


Second thing is my new crossbow. it is damn good. look out for it soon.

my current project is re-desingning my side arm because the handle angle is the same as the dunkis's sidearm. i have succesfuly redesigned it (it is awesome) and finishing soon. goes well.

the last image's are of my new sniper. i took way too many peices and took about 2 hours to build the barrel so it is a no go




7 years ago

Nice tank


9 years ago

Are you going to motorize the tank?

Very nice! Besides looking great, that tank looks as solid as a... :-) Any chance of a short video of it in motion?

Ya a video would be awesome!!

i am uploading the 38 mb movie to youtube now


quick question, ajleece, how do you get that software that you can make knex models virtualy? (fourth pic) i've seen people do that before and i wondered how. Can you like download it from the internet or something? and ps. you guns are good and i like your xenon sniper v.15 i think. Its the one in the video. can you post it or have you already?

ok.... the one in the video is the xr-16 but i cant post as it was only half mine. if you search MlCad here on ibles there is an ible on making knex models and it includes most of the peices you need. BUT it takes ages. that model took me about one and a half hour.

I don't see how that could be taken any way other than literally.

and actually 106244 pages of results, kelseymh.

Whoa. At the bottom of the first page of results it showed "1 2 3 4 5 6 NEXT>"

Oh, wait...It loses the whole query when you follow any of the "next page" links! You end up with a result corresponding to every individual comment in every user's Orangeboard!

Okay, I added "&offset=100" to my originally posted query string. There are only six pages. The last page is partial, with "Duck-lemon" being the last user listed.

Nice Acsent! :D

POST EM ALL! btw, nice bow. too bad i cant build it.

Pretty sweet things. The cross bow and sniper seem rather similar though. Slightly different barrels and other minor details but otherwise they seem very much the same.

the barrel on both of those are unique and completley different. the barrel of the sniper is very strong and it uses blue rods, the crossbow uses whites. by the way, have you heard from trauts about his progress with the xm8


9 years ago

They all look ABSOLUTELY awesome! to bad for the sniper though:(