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A good pair of headphones... Answered

I have been wanting a good pair of headphones for a long time now and I have looked at many things but have not yet found quite what I'm looking for. I want something affordable ($150 max) but good. I would prefer headphones but if you know of a good pair of earbuds feel free to tell me.


Shure is a great brand, and their products are top quality and provide great sound.

Try this one out, Sennheiser HD280

Earphones (Might not be comfortable if you have small ear canals)

Are you looking for style? Or just in home use?


7 years ago

There are also a couple of tests of headphones (different types, too) on anythingbutipod.com.

Before I bought my shure in ear headphones I went there to see some reviews. They offer some technical stuff and explanations as well as subjective judgement of the headphones.

Depends in part on what you're going to be listening to through them, at what volume levels, powered by what, and how much you want them to block other sounds.

A couple of good minimal-budget-but-decent suggestions can be found at http://www.marktaw.com/recording/HomeStudio/BuildaHomeStudiononaBudget/MonitorsSpeakersHeadphone.html