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A good way to clean/ polish badly tranished brass? Answered

I have a brass bed that's badly tarnished. Tried Brasso with limited success. Becasue the bed is a large area to polish elbow grease would wear an average person out! Does anybody know of a better way to polish Brass?


Brasso is best (the old style liquid is the one). Use a pad of VERY FINE steel wool, rubbing until the surface is blackened, then let dry and buff. You can store a used pad in a plastic bag and use for touch-up. And a little trick I learned in Army OCS: Cigarette ashes are an EXCELLENT fine abrasive: Just get some on your finger tip and polish away small spots on buckles.


9 years ago


try kaboom bath tub and tile cleaner

Brasso is very effective, what about using a buffing pad in a power drill ?