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A guide that must be made! Answered

There are loads of really good instructables about things that can be done with altoids tins: survival kits, candles, stoves/ovens etc and someone should really put all the good ones into a guide so everyone can see all the fantastic ideas people have come up with!

Also does anyone know if you can get altiods in the UK or if there are any similar products??


At least you don't live in the PH, we don't have much of any altoids in here, and if we do, I think they go into sealed plastic bags now. Look for a substitute for the altoids container (since that's what you're after right? Just a metal box) like here we have a steel mentos container that I used to contain some clothing repair essentials (pants kept ripping all-year long in my school). You should have Altoids there, since you obviously have a better economy than we do, so more products get shipped in there. Ask Kiteman, he lives in the UK so he should know (don't worry, he won't get mad unless you get angry at him, and follow the "be nice" policy)

I'm probably being REALLY dumb but PH? and I'm sure if I have a hunt in the supermarkets I will find either Altoids tins or something similar =) I haven't really had a chance to look yet it was just a product I had never seen about. Clothing repair essentials are always needed by someone I swear! Ever since my skirt ripped at school once I've always carried safety pins at the minimum.

PS: I know what you mean...one time I split my pants inseam just as I was leaving homeroom....paper clips and an imagination saved the day...until I could get to the nurses station for a proper sewing up :-)

Wow that's cool =) And steel mentos containers sound awesome by the way =)

They are a perfect size for many small, single layer projects, yes.

Awesome! And Tesco sell Altoids, as I discovered yesterday =D

Altoids are stocked by most supermarkets - I've seen them in Morrisons and Tescos for certain.

Marks and Spencer sell mints in small tins as well.

As for the guide, if you want to pull together a list of 10-15 excellent examples and either post them here, or PM me, I'll happily put a guide together for you.














These are some that I've seen that are amusing/clever, if you know of any that you think are better or you know of any better versions then feel free to swap them about. Thank you Kiteman =)

ps I shall go look in Morrisons and Tesco =P

Oh, I missed this comment earlier - thanks, I'll get on it.

I saw a really cool tin in B+Q, for their gift vouchers, with TWO lids, one on the back, and one on the front.