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A gun idea i cant work out Answered

I been trying to make make this weapon but failed every time its the CBJ-MS made by Saab Bofors Dynamics here are the stats

Weight 2.8 kg (empty) Length 363 / 565 mm Barrel length 200 mm Cartridge 6.5×25 CBJ-MS and 9×19mm Luger/ParabellumRate of fire 700 rounds/min Muzzle velocity 2,723 ft/s (830 m/s) Effective range 150 m (6.5×25 CBJ-MS) Maximum range 400 m (6.5×25 CBJ-MS) Feed system 20, 30 or 100 rounds Sights Adjustable open sights
this was copied from Wikipedia



5 years ago

1. Please don't ever attach "from ___" to any weapon. I can see you acknowledge it exists as a real weapon, so it's not like CoD or any video game invented them, therefore they don't need to be mentioned. If you got the inspiration and learned about a gun from a video game, that's all fine and dandy, but real firearms like these aren't "from" it.
2. What exactly are you stuck on?

Hehe, funny story actually, I've modded it into a completey different gun. I'll try to get some pictures up...on Td's forum topic. Just warning you, it looks nothing similar.


Reply 5 years ago

  1. I don't know about that but alot of people only know it from the games

2. I'm not skilled enough with k'nexs I've only good at modding guns that are already made and not very good at that.

3. I'm trying to get the pin to block behind the mag well i tried modifying an uzi and it failed every time i just suck thats all