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A home made electric shocker? Answered


Very simple and very effective shockers we used to make as kids:

Find an old mains step down transformer from an old radio or something, 9V battery, push to make switch and some wire. If you can find a multi-tapped transformer, all the better.

Attach the battery in line with the switch to the input coil. Attach wires to the output coil. Convince someone to hold the bare ends of the wires from the output coil and press the button briefly. It may take some experimentation on the output coil taps to find the best jolt but it is very effective.

Have fun :)

Making an electronic shocker is extremely simple, the tricky bit is finding the right frequency and PWM (on/off time).

Obviously you can cut out hte capacitor charger sub circuit in a camera, or, you can build a simple boost converter which will work too,

What you do is, build a signal generator circuit, something which you can adjust the frequency of, like a 555 timer in astable, and use potentiometers for the resistors, so you can adjust the output.

Use this signal (often the Hz will be within an audible range of 400hz-18khz), to drive a mosfet or transistor, and have it run power through a coil of some kind, or an inductor, or toroid. what happens is you charge the inductor when the signal is on, then when off, the energy built up in the inductor is released, and the voltage will just keep going up until the energy is gone.

use this to charge a high voltage capacitor, though best use a small one, like a ceramic or something. what happens here is it provides a load for the inductor, because if there is nowhere for the power built up to go, it will just get dissipated as heat in the transistor, which results in overheating and burning.

what happens is the inductor will force its current into the capacitor, which will then cause the voltage to rise up and hang around the maximum voltage the capacitor can handle.

You can then use this, to shock people. however, you need to make sure you limit the current going out, as not to kill whoever your shocking.

Saw some circuits made by my students I would certainly describe as shockers!

To shock what? Cattle, goats, friends?