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A hotbed of cold fusion Answered

I'm a sucker for fringe science. What can I say?

From the BBC News Service:

The long-standing debate about cold fusion is receiving new impetus at the American Chemical Society's national meeting in the US this week.

Cold fusion, first announced 20 years ago on Monday, was claimed to be a boundless source of clean energy by Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons.

Attempts to replicate their experiments failed, but a number of researchers insist that cold fusion is possible.

The meeting will see several approaches that claim to produce fusion power.

See the full BBC article here



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Well, it's a bit better thought out than the usual science fiction "adamantium-plated unobtanium dioxide" explanation, but "unstable carbon 12 nuclei"? Funny, last time I checked C12 was stable and unlikely to undergo spontaneous fission..

They have some nice CGI though :) but I thought the initial diagram was going to be a toroidal-armature railgun (ie plasmazooka) or something else cool like that.

Good catch, that's very strange that they would say that.

Yeah if you happen to have a palladium rod and a bale of platinum wire lying about, it might work.

When my experiment was running at SLAC, we used a palladium sponge desorber to remove excess water vapor from the drift chamber gas.

Sadly, we had to use electrical power to keep it running, and never got any power back out of our "cold fusion" cell :-(