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A huge new contest - Booooo! Answered

There is a brilliant new contest - thousands of dollar's-worth of prizes, an outstanding opportunity to upgrade your whole Making capability.

But only if you're American!

Don't Craftsman sell tools to other countries?

That's it - just a short rant.


I'll stick with my Japanese made Makita gear thanks Craftsman. So.... is this Craftsman gear any good? I haven't heard of it being sold over here in AU. That would normally suggest something.

I have a few power tools by Craftsman, compound mitersaw, sanders, routers, cordless drill/driver, electric staplers/nailers, shop vac. But like any American corporate entity, you do see the same business model as our automobile makers, so you know what that means. They are not as refined or innovative as foreign makes. The cordless drill/driver stuff purportedly has the guts of Ryobi and some other things are assimilated from various other makers. I have these because they were in my affordability range. I too would prefer to have Bosch, Makita, Fein, Milwaukee, Porter Cable but for the average person that doesn't need industrial heavy duty stuff, we have to pick from Ryobi, heavy-duty Dewalt and lesser brands. Their bench top stuff use to be highly rated but there is just better quality stuff out there. Hand tools, are well, hand tools. Personal preference on what to use since everyone has their own house brand that compares well on quality.

Bosch is very good,and it's German,which automatically means high quality.

I saw some documentary on German machinists and they have an apprenticeship that they go through to learn their skills. They take a metal bar and throughout the year they learn to shape it by hand to learn and appreciate fine tolerances. They spends countless hours filing and filing the metal bar down. Seems like a senseless task but that ingrains in them how to do things right to perfection the first time. BTW, I knew Mercedes-Benz was ruined when they went ahead with a merger with a US automaker.

Sure makes sense. I think Craftsman would do well in the Aussy marketplace. We are certainly looking for products in that catagory. The Australian Makita stuff is not bad. The chinese made Makita gear is very affordable. The Japanese models are still the preferred units though. I recently attended a Makita training session on their full Aus available range. T'was a great oppotunity to try and destroy Makita tools. The makita techs showing us were awesome, at every chance they told us to try and burn out/kill their equipment. 30 people trying to kill circ saws, impact wrenchs, drivers, rotary hammer drills,demo breakers ,screw guns, routers and sanders. No one succeeded, even with the Chinese made budget range. Believe me I tried!!

I love my old 9.6v stick battery keyed chuck drill/driver. I don't know how many times I've dropped it. Only reason I really went for a new 18volt nicad stuff was that replacement batteries cost as much as just getting a new kit. It's a little better now that batteries will fit a range of tools but you have to place your bets on one brand. I'll wait until they "standardize" or settle on one Li-ion voltage size before I get a new set of tools.

I haven't a clue about their power tools, but I DO know about their hand tools, especially the wrenches and socket sets. Lifetime guarantee is hard to beat :-)

Lifetime guarantee on ? The complete unit for just defects and faulty manufacture or a complete no questions asked policy? Yes Stanley has a lifetime warranty in AU. I had a tradesman bring back a rivet gun from about 10 years ago. Rivets were slipping. Stanley repaired the unit promptly and I returned it to the customer.

Yeah I got a lot of Stanley spanners and ratchets when I was in and around OZ. That was 15 years ago, and they're still getting heavy use. Craftsman is similar, but I don't know about their power-tools.

I remember the differences though....my partner misplaced my good Craftsman phillops screwdriver, and I have gone through a whole gaggle of them since, including 2 Stanley's (the first one was a normal phillips head, and the first project I used it for ruined the screwdriver. The second one I got had reinforced molybdenum steel or something and has served me much better. Now that I have found my Craftsman again....I normally use it for heavy duty jobs ;-)

Didn't they have a series on product testing, one of those guys goes "Moe, lemme bend em, and whacks him on the head with a hammer", nyuk, nyuk ,nyuk...

I once broke a Spark plug socket, split it right down the middle, and they honored me with a replacement, even though I had been using it for about 6 years. They did ask me if I used it on lug nuts (on the wheel) or something, but a quick sincere no got me my new socket.

I have NEVER broken any of their other sockets, wrenches, nor screwdrivers. I have a Phillips head that has NEVER even been nicked, while my Stanley, and other screwdrivers have bent, nicked, turned off their heads or broken over the years. I bought that Craftsman Phillips head screwdriver back in 1975.....

PS: the ONLY other brands I like, when it comes to screwdrivers and wrenches (sockets, box wrenches, etc) are Snap-On and MAC tools; back in my day, they ONLY delivered to, and sold to mechanics at garages and dealerships. Both of them have the same type of warranty.

Snap-on is the GOOD STUFF! I have a mech friend and get some of that stuff from him.

Yes, i have used some Snap-on. Good stuff.

What about Linux Tools? Most of them work with MAC, too :-)

Mac is just not the apple of my eye as it were ;-)

I've heard storied of people taking Craftsman tools that they found dumpster diving, on the curb or at garage sales and returning them. Some trashed and some with just surface rust. Some stores accepted them and replaced them no questions asked. Others were a little less than interested in giving out a free toll because of some surface rust. That's an extreme from some people that take advantage of their good warranty.

WoW! that is pretty good..

I, personally don't own much of their equipment, but it's top notch stuff (well, at least it use to, I'm not sure about today's tools, I'm assuming it's still good) I have a radial arm saw that was my grandfather's (I'm assuming around 70 years old?) and it still runs great (it was a craftsman).

I have alot of my grandfathers stuff... Oh oh oh so good.... I love old gear... I had a gentleman come into work with his 1970's bosch jigsaw. Still working perfectly. He wanted to by a new one, all the red-eye jazz etc. I offered to buy him a new one in exchange for his. He accepted.... oh so good tools. All metal parts , noe plastic what so ever.

Now days its not so great. It just has a good warranty

Warranties are good, especially where i'm concerned.

Au = Hate myself... :(
I have to work out this US mailing divertion service.


9 years ago

Yeah!We Europeans have the right to get prizes too!

Ok so in conclusion... CRAFTSMAN IS TOPS!!! Nice work guys on clarifying.

It's open to U.S. and Canada, but excluding Quebec. Ed says the problem is legal.

Different countries (indeed, even different U.S. states!) have widely varying restrictions on anything that can be construed as a "lottery" -- a competition for which the winner receives material or monetary gain disproportionate to their contribution.

That's why so many of these things have the caveat "open to eligible XXX except where prohibited by law." It would be difficult, if not impossible, to keep track of every local community's ordinances. If your town's legal code prohibits "gambling" with excessively general language, then you may not be able to enter or win this contest, either.

It sucks. It sucks big time, but I don't think there's anything Instructables can legally do about it :-(

I figured that was the case. It can be infuriating to others and in a way, upsets me a bit, even though I am eligible, since I won't get to benefit from the input of those outside the continent. *sigh*

Yes, true...but since I rarely win things like this (must be something I am not doing right), I like to see a lot of input maybe one day it will spark my creative juices :-)


Argh! This perplexes me deeply because this one could well be open to everyone, if they loved us enough!

off to mutter in corner...

I second the short rant, but I know what the answer from staff will be as well as you. It's fair enough really if you look at it from their point of view, but I agree it would have been nice to be included in the hugely awesome contest.

Oh, I know the answer, but that doesn't prevent me petulantly stamping for a while.

Yeah, same. I feel like smashing something. Say, that'd be much easier if I had some kind of automatic hammer...

Oh wait...

Agreed! ive suggested a 'best of the rest' prize, in the form of some vouchers for non us entries. I don't think thats too much to ask...