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A "like" button Answered

I know programming is not always that easy... but a "like" buttom would be nice so more people will have an opportunity to comment without saying anything.


Sweet, cause it'd be just one more "Like" button I'd have to add to my AdBlock filters... :P

That's a very good idea . Like button like wordpress.com blogs !

Use the ratings.

Yes the rating works... but that is set up as anonymous; not that I have to know who "doesn't" like the project :-)

The only problem I see with ratings (not that this ever happens) is, someone may just not like you or may be a little jealous of your work and if the number of raters is low... your great project may look mediocre.

It is fine the way it is... I was just say'n.

Yes, that's on purpose. The rating is a statistical measure. Comments are personal.

However, the majority of people rating an instructable do so genuinely. So normally bad ratings are because the instructable itself is not that good.

I am sure people do rate low out of spite, but its a low enough number not make a difference.

If you like something, rate it, then drop a nice comment. I think just 'clicking' a button is too passive.

Trust me... I am with ya and not really worried about it... it was just a thought

Oddly enough that is exactly what I thought as soon as I read it :-)