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A little confused about the Halloween Contest Answered

I was reading the Halloween Contest rules and it said that instructables posted before the contest start dates are not eligible but there are a ton of entries that were posted a few months ago. So I was wondering did the rules change or what?


Honus and caitlinsdad are correct - anything from November 8th, 2011 to now is eligible! The Halloween is the only contest with bizarre start dates. :)


5 years ago

If you click on the "How to enter" button it states that instructables published from November 8, 2011 through November 7, 2012 are eligible. Sweet!

The rules do state "Projects published prior to the Start Date are not eligible for entry."

I knew I wasn't crazy! Must have just been a typo.

Halloween is a year-round activity here at ilbes. The tradition is that since things are crafted many months in advance of the great pagan-fest, ibles created from about the end of last Halloween 2011 till the close of this year's contest are included in the contest. The Halloween contests are the only exception so wait for the winter holiday gifts contests to start before you publish anything for them.

Thank you! I reread the rules and now I see that I must have confused the rules for the Halloween contest with the rules another contest. Thanks for clarifying.

Are you being facetious or is it really suppose to be from last year until this year? (now I'm confused). :P

Since you will not receive an official answer and it is your first year of indentured servitude on the good ship Lollipop, the answer is, YES, that Halloween contests open up entries for the full year to include previously published ibles. I meant yes to the second part of your question.

Aha! I missed last years Halloween contests (as I didn't start my pro-ness until December)... Even on the good ship Lollipop, you learn something new everyday. :P

Thanks for the tip... (sadly, I don't think I would've thought of that). lol

That's the way it's been run in the past.

Thanks. You uncovered my relative newb-ness....

Can you provide some links, or tell me which Halloween Contest you are looking at? AFAIK, no Instructable published before the start date is eligible for entry.