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A little help please? Answered

Just me again looking for more advice.... *sigh... i must be pathetic...*

I have been having problems talking with people. Not talking as in messing up my words but talking as in saying something softly and uninterestingly. it seems i can type with personality but i can't show it worth a crap... I just don't feel happy and i feel empty inside one of my friends said it was not believing in myself but i don't think that's the case. It's not a confidence problem. (3 years in Tae Kwon Do fixed that). It seems like a personality problem. I don't feel like myself... i don't do much but keep to myself. I play online games with a headset and i can talk just how i want to unless i am at school. I just feel numb inside. It is really hard to explain and i feel like i look like the kid that just sits and goes through the motions and doesn't have any fun. It feels like i have the personality of a rock. Im not the best looking, not the funniest, but i am nice to everybody. ( for the most part). I am just not getting noticed as much as i want. when somebody talks to me i just kind of respond in as few words as possible and it doesn't feel natural to talk for a long time. Can anybody tell me what this problem is and how to fix it. (if possible?)

----------------extra info--------------------
--I don't get out much
--Most of my time is taken up by COD my computer and hunting
--I have a small group of loyal, good friends
--have never had a girlfriend
--do not normally get in trouble

please help me with this... i just don't feel interesting...


You seem to be a victim of PEBES, or (for you non-acronym types) Public Education Brainwave Entrainment Suceptibility. You see, almost worldwide the Public Education System has been infiltrated by the KGB (see my argument about the KolleGe Board Project.) To explain the theory, the KGB have modified the majority of school's intercom systems so they emit a special tone (almost exclusively subsonic though other types have been used) which will increase suggestibility in most people, from there it takes a simple inclusion of a thought to dramatically change someone's entire personality. However you seem to be a special case and are responding negatively to the pulses, unfortunately their effect still seems to be taking place as you said you were able to talk "just how you want" outside of school. The thoughts planted with the waves are permanent (as nothing can be forgotten) but their effects can fade if exposure to the waves is terminated. With you it seems that the thoughts take effect only
when you are exposed to the waves. My recommendation is to obtain a pair of over-ear headphones and a music player full of music with non-correlative wave patterns (Obtain: Rock, Metal, Pop, Etc. Avoid: Techno, Melody, Trance, Etc.) Played loudly enough they will not exactly override but "drown out" the pulses. If a positive effect is not noticed, increase the volume or "power" of the music until desired effect is obtained. If the music does not work after 2 months disable the school's intercom system or play said music over it.

haha that made my day! Reminds me of the time in middle school when i shut down the schools internet system! hahaaha

How did you shut off the internet? The best my friends and I were able to do was bypass the "St. Bernard Software" Website filter.

I see, Our success was a software modification but bolt cutters work just as well I suppose.

i have done that too i overloaded the server using a spam bot to endlessly ping it using multiple computers and it eventually locked it up.


7 years ago

heyy , i know how u feel, my best advice is try to find a girlfreind and just hug for ages, u will feel great after, i think its mostly that u just need some1 else in ur life like another freind but someone u can open more upto because teenagers always feel weird but confine there feelings, just let them all out , ur going through changes,{ lol i sound like my teacher now :P }

Hi man, it's a wrong-thinking problem.
I'd say you posted this because you wanted someone else's thoughts (not your own)?

Everyone is pretty much the same really, loads of people (including adults I know ,and I) have had problems "getting out", problems talking with people, and been not getting into trouble (by not actually doing very much).

It's just a confidence-thing.

All your "extra info" is probably caused by avoiding contact / talking to people because you are afraid of something bad happening?
A person needs to talk and spend time with others so that they know who you are.
Because, as you say "i just don't feel interesting" - how can anyone be interested if you don't talk about yourself?
And have a good hard look at other people: is much of what they say interesting, or are they just interesting because they're talking to people?

If you were to pay more attention to other people, how they act, think, feel, and stop thinking so much about yourself, you may find that you see different ways of thinking about things. If other people feel-good, and they're essentially the same as you/I - what's really so different about them?

Best wishes


No advice, but a commiseration:

I met an ex pupil today. He left my school in 2005, a shy, shrinking violet, who never spoke up in class, never did anything to raw attention to his existence, and spent his breaks alone in the school grounds.

Today, he stood in front of the entire school and spoke about his up-coming trip to climb Kilimanjaro for charity.

It seems the turning point for him was to get interested in drama lessons - he is now studying drama at University, and today had no trouble at all speaking to a large audience that included a number of people of whom he was once terrified.


7 years ago

Hiya, I wouldn't say you had a problem, from your profile it says your 14... Hell at 14 I was a mess...

The only thing I could think to suggest is to perhaps get out more... Socialise within your interest... say for example if you had a fascination with cakes, go to a bakery... chances are you'll meet people of similar interests

Growing up is difficult and being sat inside playing COD makes it even more so. Personalities develop over time, and through experiences. Maybe join some social clubs or get involved with charity work, it may just build your confidence up and give you some of that life experience

Don't let things hold you back...

Cheerio matey, hope you get it sorted soon