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A little help with an infra red remote Answered

Hi I'm trying to build a infra red remote control & receiver to simply switch power on for launching model rockets & other pyrotechnic devices. So far here is the schematic I've come up with so far. I was wondering if it would work or if there was another component needed.. (sorry I am not good with electronics yet) Like an IC? All that would be needed is for the power to be switched on, no off would be needed. Please help me out and lets discuss it.


Hi I'd like a little help on an infra-red remote so I can detonate IED's on the Infidel's. Their constant jamming of our throw away cellphones means I need another way to send them to Shaitan.

Seriously people, we do not need to hand hold building trigger circuits like this. Anyone with a little electronics experience is going to get how to do this right without needing to ask..

Sorry if your not from the middle east.. if you need range, use a cell phone and wire.. if you don't use a garage door opener and keyfob. That's not giving away anything already known..

An IR remote control hardly gets you far enough away from explosives to make it a useful tool for terrorist, nor is information or IRRC any less "known" than interfacing keyfobs/etc. What next, a ban on clock circuits cause they might be "bent" to use as timers for an IED?

Back when *I* was 14, the local public library's "Young Adult" section was full of "Electronics Projects" books that included tesla coils, van de Graff generators, lasers, and all manner of high-voltage stuff. Chemistry books with chapters on fireworks. The DuPont "Blaster's Handbook" (ok, that wasn't in the teen section. Still, it was a real eye-opener!) They've all pretty much disappeared in attempts to make life "safe for the kids", and I've heard science teachers proudly proclaim that they removed everything dangerous from their stockrooms. Sigh.

I thought thing like Instructables and Make Magazine were essentially founded on the premise that society as a whole is NOT best served by insulating the public from technical knowledge that might be dangerous or mis-used, and starting to publish those sorts of articles again. Yay!

Ignorance is NOT safe!

That said, I'm not ready to publish exact plans for devices that might lead someone down a dangerous path that they're not really ready for. I only do hints. :-) Owen, I don't think your electrical knowledge is quite up to doing what you want to do from scratch. You might want to look into a kit like this one

Thanks for the kit page, I was looking into something similar myself.

Some people on this forum have less then "a little electronics experience". This is a place for them to learn.

I'm sorry, I could have sworn I asked for help and not criticism? Why don't you go write a blog or something about your "views". No need to apologize to me about where I'm from, it doesn't matter where I am from. If you don't want to help then simply, DON'T reply. Easy right? I didn't ask for your b.s. Go cause problems elsewhere.

I've been looking at kits to accomplish this, but I'd rather make it my own. Anyhow, here's a look:
It's not an IR but a RF remote, which would be fine also I was just worried about stray signals causing premature ignition. The 120' range is good though. I just hate lugging all my wire around. (30' from a rocket ignition kit and another 30' of my own, plus my det box)


11 years ago

You are pretty far away from a working circuit.

1) The receiver decodes a modulated IR signal, and your transmitter must emit a modulated signal. In this case, a 38kHz square wave would be fine.
2) The receiver will typically run on 5 to 6V, and will NOT provide enough power to directly fire a "pyrotechnic device."
3) I'd want a more complex receiver with some sort of arm/fire sequence before I'd be willing to connect clips from the receiver to live pyrotechnics.

Here's a link for a Nice Tutorial on Infrared Remote Control.

Well the reciever could be wired with a resistor/resistors to drop the volatage to the IR sensor or whatever would require the lowered voltage, but how to ramp the voltage back up to 12v I am unsure. I already built a wired unit that has a built in 3 way safety, but this IR stuff is new to me. The ARM switch is not important to me yet on the wireless remote as much as just getting it to fire correctly. I can do modifications later. Besides, if it comes down to it I can remove the battery from the remote before testing just to be safe. So is there any way of making this work? I'd like to work together on this and make something worthwhile.

Anyone out there working on IR remote control projects? The only part I'm stuck on is if there will be some other component needed to interpret the IR signal and what will have to be done to incorporate it