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A little help with identifying Ceramic Capacitors? Answered

A friend asked me to fix his tv's power supply, and i accepted the challenge.

Upon closer inspection of the circuit board of the power supply, i saw that a resistor bridge, a rectifier, a diode, a capacitor and 2 power transistors were blown. I purchased the appropriate replacements, and as i was about to install them earlier today I saw that two ceramic capacitors are blown.

One of them has '684J' printed on it, the other has "SCK 206 or 296" printed on it

I need a little bit of advice on what replacement capacitors to buy, or if i should take them out of the circuit.

I could leave them out, because they seem to hook up to a rectifier and then to a transistor, but i would rather buy the appropriate replacement capacitors.



Google is your friend:

684J 630VMPP, and use the "translate this page" feature to deal with all of the Chinese.

SCK206. There is no "SCK 296".

Can you please direct me to a place where i can buy a replacement SCK 206?

Thanks a million!

Did you try following the links? Did you try typing "buy SCK206" into Google? You will learn more doing that yourself than having me do it for you? Failing that, you can also go directly to DigiKey, Jameco, or DealExtreme and see if they carry the part.

. The component on the right looks more like a MOV than a capacitor to me.
. Since I've never seen a component rated for 630V, I'd _guess_ that the cap on the left is 630uF (or nF).