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A massive AD! Round 3 Answered

First AD attack: I was just surfing around on instructables until I came across this massive AD of macs! It there some kind of bug on the AD?

Second AD attack: I first thought I have been redirected to another web, but... Now instructables home page has the same layout as the AD it self! NORTON!

Third AD attack: Norton strikes again...

You can customize instructable header to your like to try eliminate the weird layout linked to the AD by following this forum. I hope this helps!



Ibles has let apple and norton advertise on their site like this so they can get more money to keep the price of pro accounts low.

i go away for a few months and the site goes to yellow hell......

Same, that what caused me to leave instructables for a while, now it may happen again. There also have been so many changes on instructables, I don't like changes... :-(

AAAAAAAAAH!!! It's attach of the killer norton blobs! RUN FOR COVER, SAVE THE IBLES ROBOT!!!!

good point; we must protect the robot from nortons power-craving architecture.

Yeah, I just hope they don't paint those freaking weird black circles on him... :-O

Oh an ethernet cable on the norton servers! *reads label* Label:Leads to Instructables Robot QUICK GET ME MY CRIMPERS

Imma redirect the wire to that photo flash cap to KILL the servers!


9 years ago

Round 3!Also,this is new.Check the system clock.

I say my pic didnt post.

It's happening AGAIN!

After the Apple ad, I'm surprised Microsoft didn't put an ad up yet...

Check out http://nytimes.com/ right now. I'm proud that we're running similar campaigns as the New York Times.

For apple to want to advertise on Ibles like this is a great move forwards. Biggest specific advertiser to date? And, the advert is some what relevant, the materials used by apple, really do set some new standards in computer manufacture.

but the thing is, that apply is the least green company there was a study done, about how green companies are, apple refused to participate Microsoft was close to the bottom of the list (least green)

It can't be branded as the least green company if the didn't participate. That's like, loosing a race you never signed up for.

the computers are about the same eco impact as real pcs (in fact a mac is a pc. just put in a glossy white plastic box) the computers have the same power management capabilities as real pc the portable devices are not as good as high end devices with similar specs from other manufacturers (mostly problem with the ipods with hard drive). they force the users to buy new ones more often therefore there is more pollution the real impact of apple is in stuff like selling os only with computer etc. it forces users (that dont want to be pirates) to buy a mac when all they really want is the os and they could run it on the existing pc (but in my opinion pcs allready have superior os like windows xp and linux) if you look carefully at the impacts of itunes drm maybe youll see something else environmentally bad too greenpiece is not some1 to trust. there is stuff you can estimate yourself and get to conclusions. and thats what you should do

Every single comment you have made their, is factually incorrect. Do you just make these things up so you can hate on apple? Its ok, you don't need to answer, as the answer is Yes.

the only thing that makes the laptops in the ad greener is the desktop wallpaper they display. anything else is just the hype that surrounds everything apple make with apple macs being nothing more than pcs with apple logo on them they are not different from real pcs what does make the difference then ? minor stuff likebundling computer with operating system i believe that the only thing that makes apple look different from the other pc manufacturers is the amount of hype and their marketing strategies

your right, the only difference is how they are built, same parts inside. So, find me, and slim all in one pc, with a high quality screen equal to a $600 lacie. Made from aluminum.

i dont think there are any pcs like that with aluminium box

if you drop the al requirement check out imac vs dell xps one (there are few spec groups in each)

The aluminum build quality and high recyclability are two of the main things im pointing out.

maybe. but is the mac built of aluminium either ? iirc its plastic

ok now look at this all in one computers are less green than other computers cause their upgrade ability is lower the dell has higher specs which mean that it will take more time to become obsolete (the os difference says nothing to me cause practically any os can be installed on any of the computers) some pc laptops do have aluminium case

Altho an all in one computer is less upgradable. Alot of PC users go the lifespan of thier system without upgrading. The main thing people upgrade is RAM, and the iMac has a specific user friendly slot so that anyone can manage it. They are more green than normal computers however, due the their low energy usage (far out ways any upgrade problem that you point out) You make a valid point about the higher specs, but, again, the iMac has top of the range construction and 3rd party components. Not only that, but, alot of PC's end up getting chucked, as when they get to about 5 years old, people can never get much money for them, a quick trip to ebay will show you the great second hand value of Macs, they are recycled untill they die in most cases. I paid £1000 for an iMac, then sold it for £500 5 years later, the same can not be said of a PC. That is because apple build their computers to last.

high quality is not unique to apple. dell optiplex (except a model that had bad capacitors) last for many years. even old pentium 3 - 4s sell not bad i checked out GX 150 and GX 280. notice that the full tower boxes sell better than the slim boxes - i think its cause they use mostly standard parts and are more upgradable. the most important parts are those that die fast - fans and drives and power supply. in the full tower boxes they are standard parts i own myself a second hand 2001 GX 150 full tower. it is P3 1 GHZ 256 M. i upgraded hard drive (seagate noisy 20 to wd silent new 80) and downgraded video card (voodoo 3 to onboard i810). it performs great and fast

The level of quality is not unique to apple. But is no where near to that of Dell, take some of the high gaming stuff from HP, and you stand a chance, the black bird for instance. One of the Lian PC's. Apple is the single largest consumer seller of PC's for a reason.

the quality of dell is very high. high to the point where nearly all computers are obsolete before they stop working the only reasons why apple is large are the operating system (and yet most users prefer windows for various reasons) their marketing (they advertise themselfes as being other and better than pcs allthough they are not different at all) where i live apple does not make much marketing. therefore their computers / ipods / other products are rare (way more rare then hp compaq for instance)

Not the mass amount of dells i have come accross, both in work and outside of work. You can fight the PC side all you like, but do it with someone other than dell.

lenovo - good boxes (and great laptops) dell - the desktops i have seen are tough and well designed in everything from silent work to easy service hp compaq - i dont think they are as good

the ibm stuff is good. The dells ive seen have been far from everything you have said, and ive worked with them both as an technician and service sales member. And also as work computers. Hp were the best in terms of track record, only beaten by apple and sony.

all the dells i saw (from both in and out) or worked with were great in hardware. same grade as ibm i saw a limited amount of hp compaqs from in and out. they are not designed as well. i dont know about their toughness but i think they are less tough too i saw 3 macs from outside only (2005 emac at school and 2006 - 2007 mac minis at friends) + have a functional apple IIc (that i would not compare to modern computers) sony desktops ? never seen any

The sony desktops are starting to get closer to the iMacs, though still using plastics mainly. I've seen hundreds of all the main brands, i used to have a job in a pc sales and repair place. (called pc world). In the last year or so, the HP laptops have really been setting the standard for the rest of the market. Also, may i add, it is nice that this has actually turned into a discussion, rather than disintegrating into trolling.

are hp really the standard ? i seen them from outside and i really prefer thinkpads over them (thinkpads are made of aluminium + i know of personal experience how much they can survive and work after that. fall from 1.5 M without any damage (except scratches) and fall into a pool of water while powered up are 2 examples) i am not really apple hater or pc lover or anything. my points are apple are just pcs and are not different from any other pcs. claims that there are macs alone vs pcs alone are just wrong apples products and services are built to work together - unlike many other manufacturers that focus on wide compatibility (plug and play on any windows / linux box without installing software or changing settings). i think that higher compatibility is far more important than many other factors i found os x very hard to use (compared with windows kde gnome which i had no trouble to learn in minutes without any help or seeing how others work with them). this is why i think windows is better - it may not be built as good (which is changing a lot since xp) but is way easier to undrstand

(plug and play on any windows / linux box without installing software or changing settings) Apple invented plug and play, if i plug something in, it just works, non of this rubbish with balloons popping up saying new drive found. on mac, i just loads. no problems. I understand your preference, but you lack full all round knowledge on the subject.

if you plug something in on a mac - it works. but when i say plug and play i mean plug everywhere and play as in if you plug it into a windows or linux box or a dvd player that has the ability to write to the disk. you can drag stuff to it from the desktop and it is able to just play it in linux there are no baloons except the one you really need (the one from which you open the device or do something else). you can disable it if you want with few clicks in vista / 7 i dont know. i would not expect those found new hardware baloons there. they are more appropriate for xp that was designed with floppies in mind

No, i mean, its plug and play, across the board, all my devices get used across all three OS, flash drives, ext hdds, cameras, no problems. You plug something in, it mounts it on your desktop, you want to eject it, you just drag it to the trash, non of this ejecting your device safely rubbish.

in fact dragging the icon to the trash / safely remove / eject are the exact same operation. but thats great example to what i am talking about could a user ever guess that he should drag the icon to the trash ?? no way. if i was noob my common sense would suggest that it would wipe out the drive or something like that and not prepeare it for eject. i would not ever think that the recycle bin is somehow related to ejecting drives could a user guess that he should click the icon in the task bar ? probably more chance. the icon shows removing the drive from the computer could a user understand the hint kde 4.2 gives him ? (a button with the well known eject sign in the baloon next to the drive name) sure he can for the second question - imagine i bought an ipod (the most common one). my computer is a standard xp or linux box with a huge folder of mp3s. what should i do to be able to play some of them on the ipod ?

Well the drag to trash is just one way a user can do it, there is also an eject button next to the drive in all finder windows, and where ever the drive is, also, you can right click and click eject. What sets apple apart is that they do aim to make an interface that anyone can pick up and use. In terms of iPods, all the big brand mp3 players have great interface programs to use with the player, for apple, thats itunes, and the iPod is the only mp3 player where by people use the program both for iPod syncage, and for playing music. Again in itunes, you get a little eject icon next to your ipod.

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