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A new Knex competition (And no, this is not a thread to advertise a TGKT spin-off!) Answered

I am just going to say before I start that this is not a flame thread, and I just want to see how everyone feels about this. I do not want any immaturity or namecalling here. Any comments, from anyone, that include namecalling will be flagged.

Now, a while ago Radioactive started a competition for those who were not included in the 'Grand Knex Snob Expert Contest' (Is that right, Radio?) What I am suggesting is that we run a smaller competition for those that have not earned the title of Knexpert (a term which I feel is used too loosely these days). It can run after the TGKT, and can be run by a party that would not wish to participate. People who were in the TGKT would not be able to enter, to give the less experienced a chance.


Honestly I think that if they want to compete in a competition that they should just get better and wait until they have a chance. They don't make professional unprofessional game competitions do they? The sole purpose of competing is to see who is the best and that's hard to do when you don't have some of the best in the first place. I'm not trying to stop you guys but really what is the point?

I could prob. run it, and have the participants be active knexers who were not entered in TGKT round 1. We could have someone entered in TGKT judge our entries also.


9 years ago

Knexpert (a term which I feel is used too loosely these days)


Yeah I miss when you guys ran the joint. Once you guys left it was too easy to impress what was left. I don't feel any sort of accomplishment was made yet so basically I'm just hoping that I become a second generation knelder.

About 50% of the active community is considered a Knexpert these days. To be honest, I don't consider myself a Knexpert.

I don't consider myself a knexpert either

me neither. I have yet to revolutionize knex gunning in a little way. But I think my OHP sidearm should do the trick OHP- one handed pistol. No need to use your other hand to pull the ram back. Second gun that can be dual-wielded (first one was made by perfect duck). Will have a block-true trigger and mag. not semi-auto tho

I know im not a knexpert and dont really care about becoming one. Because its just a title that means you built a few good things. If I do become one ok so its not like just saying that means I am going to build better things.

if you are a knexpert, people know that you make reliable, good guns, and have built up a lot of skill

Well its not just guns that can make you a knexpert any thing that you build can make you a knexpert if its good. And you consistently make great things out of knex. Also that is one of the reasons that knex builders are disrespected so much.

And its a skill you work on not something that can be given to you.

I havent started, because i put it off for a video on my new gun (which i think i wore out the newness of), im gonna cancel the video and make the gun this saturday... it should take a few hours, it took me a day or two to get my rifle made from scratch, this should be easy with the trigger being an exception...........

:P I just finished my New Sniper... 250 range with my new system...

Maybe we both need to post a few more things :)

hmmm, lets see, how many guns have I posted...........5, and im still not there. It takes a lot of determination and skill to get there, but I think we are all capable of getting there shortly............. the only one guy who became a knexpert with his first gun was IAC, with his heavy cannon......

is this a comp

Can I enter? It isn't likely that I'll get through the TGKT, so if I don't get through the 2nd round can I enter? I have a new innovative gun just dying to be posted, and I'd happily enter it.

I'm not sure, you'll have to ask whoever ends up running it, if anyone. And I doubt it would run until after the TGKT anyway, so you may as well post now.

Ohh, fair enough (btw is this the junior knexpert conest?).

Not really, it's more for people not considered knexperts.

Well, you got into the first round, so I doubt you'll count.

But I didn't get into the second...

So? If we worked to that method then everyone except the eventual winner of the TGKT would be allowed in!

Oh =[But I'm not a knexpert, BUT, its up to whoever hosts this comp, and they choose whether I or you or anyone is in.]

No, sorry, I pressed the equals sign by accident, want me delete that comment then remake it or leave it as it is?

Lol all this is going to do is insult the others that we do choose as being able to enter. Anyways most of the people are over it all we're doing now is putting salt in the wound.

actually, im for the idea, as long as the prize is a starter knexpert title.......... i might do ok if we do have this contest......

Not really, I think that this would give other not deemed good enough just yet to be in the TGKT a chance to shine, and perhaps make the transition to Knexpert.

first of all, my little grand snob expert thing was sarcasm, if you havent caught on. second, i did NOT (repeat NOT) start the Knex Masters tournament, so you're wrong, along with the other people who think i started the whole thing. third, I might think about it, but ive also lost all respect for you as well as yerjoking. Honestly, you 2 guys were better people before you were entered into the grand knexpert tournament, at least in my opinion

I did realise it was sarcasm, but did nothing for your image here. There is no evidence that you did or did not start the KMT by creating another account. I don't really care that I have lost your respect. I don't want some sort of hate war, and I expect when I post my rifle tomorrow you will rate it down.

oh sorry for late reply....... ah well, i dont care anyways, you pretty much got all the respect you lost from me back now............especially with your new rifle, which i gave 5*


9 years ago

I think your lame attempt at making fun of DJ Radio is very childish. He did not create the KMT, why would he have made another account for that competition when he already created another contest with his own username, and I think he would be brave enough to admit he made it. I know he may not always be the most mature guy, but come on. it seems like a lot of you guys hate him now. Just because he started of with some guns that were of lesser quality, he got of on the wrong foot with a lot of people. I will not go into any details about the situation right now, but I don't like a single bit of it. Especially since he has changed a lot since he first came on here. Now to move onto this new 'competition'. I personally don't see the point of creating this competition after the TGKT when the competitors of TGKT aren't allowed to enter anyway. There may be some issues with people that want to judge both contests, but to fix that you can just makes sure the rounds don't end at the same time. Not to mention the TGKT is going to last for a long time. I agree that the less experienced builders should be able to have their own, organised contest. But everything is such a mess right now, that we need to make sure that any spin-off contests that aren't going to take of are stopped before creating a new competition. Feel free to comment on what I just said, as it is not nearly complete. Also, don't try and flag me for name calling please. What I said was my opinion, and free speech is a right.

I was not aware that there was a possibility that Radio had not made the competition at the time of posting, so I apologise about that, but I fail to see where I made fun of Radio, in fact I took measures to prevent this in the first paragraph. If you are referring to the sentence which reads ' 'Grand Knex Snob Expert Contest' (Is that right, Radio?)' then I was simply not sure of the exact words of which he had called the TGKT and wanted to clarify. You cannot accuse me of making fun of him about him calling it the 'Grand Knex Snob Expert Contest, as I just stated that he did call it that.

In my opinion that sentence was taunting. I can't help but notice that you haven't said anything about the rest of my post though.

Well it wasn't meant to be. Sorry about that, I was in a hurry. The point of the competiton would be that only people not in the TGKT could join, and that it would run AFTER the TGKT finished.

I get the first point, but why does it HAVE to run AFTer the TGKT has finished?

To make it easier to judge, as it would probably be TGKT participants judging, I would have thought that most of the other active members may have joined.