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A new K'nexer!!! Answered

Guys, 'specially you, Jollex. There's a new K'nexer out there. His user is rachat21. He's cool. He loves K'nex, so give 'm a warm welcome. He's a friend. Just do it.

His page:


Thanks, guys.


Helps if he posts sometime soon. Hopefully he doesn't end up being a noob. Been awhile since we've had any new meaningful members.

Well, I just taught him the basics of weaponry, so...

lol, what if he is a NooB?

So what if he's my friend? You could still use him as a doormat, sure.

HuH? I'm not trying to be mean, I must've missed the point, sorry.


9 years ago

Uhhh, Pointless?

Look, please be quiet. He's my friend.