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A new purpose for an old ammunition box? Answered

I have obtained an empty ammo box. I don't have any guns. So besides being a totally rad lunch box, what else is it good for?



Best Answer 9 years ago

  • With the addition of a padlock, it can be a very secure strongbox.
  • Good place to store flammables like lighter fluid or lamp oil.
  • Symbolically appropriate place to store things you absolutely hate but still can't get rid of - tax returns, divorce decrees, etc. (I use mine to store evidence that a certain justifiably estranged relative is indeed crazier than a hoot-owl on hallucinogens, but that's probably TMI).

Rig a way to mount them as saddlebags for motorcycles and make a bundle of cash. Paint them to match your customers bike or customize them in every way fashionable and have your own small business. Look at prices they are getting for motorcycle saddlebags these days... Name-brand, waterproof ones are outrageous...

The uses are infinite; I use one .50 cal box as a brew kit, full of fixings for camping foods and drinks, a second ammo box for a pot and stove. I use one as a permanent oil bath for bike and weapons parts; they are watertight, so we use them when rafting each year; I could go on...and on!

I use a small one (used to hold pistol ammunition), strapped to my bike; it holds all the bike tools that used to weigh my backpack down. Make sure you or someone sprays out the markings... there are govt. regulations regrding this sort of thing, and of course, there are some easily excitable people in this world. Glad to see you reusing these things, they really are great for storage.

Take off all the rubber parts lay it down on its printed side. scribe a 3" circle on what is now the top. drill a hole in center of circle and cut pie shapes to edge of circle from center hole. bend pie shapes to 90 degrees up. put stove pipe over the pie shapes and attach a china hat to top of pipe. Now you got 1 emergency wood stove.


9 years ago

I would make it into a first aid kit if i were you because you wont go loosing it

You could fill it a variety of supplies and gear for an emergency and keep it in your car or home. Its a rather uncommon container so its not like you would have to worry about grabbing the "wrong bag" when you are fleeing from the zombies... and if you affixed a good shoulder strap you could even swing it around and knock some zombie heads off too!