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A new shirt Answered

After years of just the Robot being the only Instructables shirt, we decided to make a small batch of a new design. It's simple and straightforward and, for me at least, sums up the experience of sharing project ideas. Right now they're only available in the store here. If people like them we may make more. What do you think?



I have no idea where to put this, but I just got a surprise instructables.com mug from my husband for Valentines Day. :) I liked it when I first saw it. It sits in a place of honor on my desk. When I can I will get both tee shirts. Totally new to the instructables site.

Nice. I like it. :)

Actually I do too. I tend to get "worded" t-shirts of late more so then visual only ones, as those around me have difficulties translating visuals but the wording...now that they can REALLY understand (or in the case of most of my other shirts, MISunderstand LOL ).

I agree. T-shirts with graphics only, tend to get passed over visually, but something with words on it always get a second glance, (whether they are understood or not). :)

My two current favs: One with words only: There are 10 types of people in the world, those that understand binary, and those that don't.

AND, this one:


amazing shirt! great deal at 12 dollars, but as i checked out, shipping was 25! great idea, but it would cost me 12 dollars to ship a shirt to peru..

Two things:
- yes, international shipping is ridiculous
- I'm surprised you were able to add that. The store is only supposed to accept US and Canadian addresses

Due to legal issues we can only receive taxes for, and ship to, US and Canada right now. It's all terribly complicated why so I'll just repeat that it's "legal issues."

Sorry about that

i live in ottawa canada, peru was a ridiculous example haha, it was just shocking for shipping to canada to be 25 dollars.

You could consider selling some to a private individual in the US, and then that private individual sells them on Ebay, or you could sell an individual the commercial rights to use the images on something like CafePress or Spreadshirt.

We'd have to have a lot more demand for it to justify those actions.

I like it. I also like the robot Tee.

I may buy one of the new ones and sew a robot patch to the sleeve. That would be wicked.

Eric > Christy > Kiteman > and Shemp

yes, although I might prefer: Erudition * Actualize * Moiety (divide i.e. share)

So... read a lot of books, make it real, and then cut it in half?

I hope you know I was just joshing.....being facetious again :-)

learn · make · share (front)
www.instructables.com (back)
robot image 4 colors (left sleeve)
hand 2 colors (right sleeve)


Прикольно. Хочу такую. Обязательно закажу.


6 years ago

I really like how clean the design is.

Has the "hand" logo completely disappeared from instructables now? (I've not visited for a while, but back in the beginning I was given one of the white shirts with the "hand" logo on it in orange)

yeah I remember the hand. I would give to a=have a shirt with that on it

Thanks. As for the hand logo that was a looooong time ago. Been years since we made those.

OK, some good feedback. First of all, these shirts were already made so we'll have to go through them first before we think about some different approaches to it. But I'd like to answer a couple things.

Where's the robot!?
He's safe and sound, don't worry. We have no plans to get rid of him.

So why isn't he on there?
When we were making this shirt we had a set budget for trying out a new batch. Since every color added to the shirt increased the cost we could only do so much. 

The robot image uses 5 colors (sometimes 6). That would've meant 2 or 3 more colors (since white and gray are already there), depending on whether you wanted to have the black color in there as well.

Despite that, I felt that with the text, the name, and the robot, it was already beginning to be a bit too much happening and would've preferred that the robot be moved elsewhere. My choice would've been the sleeve. If there or if it was on the back that would've been 4 or 5 more colors.

Can he be a prize?
If you win a contest, you can choose this as your shirt option. It'll be a "secret menu" thing for now. We'd need to make more to make it a more public option.

I understand about cost and colours, so why not have a line drawn robot in white or grey. You could even do him as a developmental sketch with construction lines to give more reason for him not being coloured in.

I did play around with a silhouette, but it just looked unfinished.

I like the sketch idea and have some similar stuff that was in the works, but it wasn't looking good enough to get it done before the deadline.

For playing around with the look of the robot, I'd prefer to have that be another shirt entirely so that there weren't too many new things happening in one shirt. It would really need to be the main focus of it.

After years of one shirt, I'd like to see a few more designs. There's room for both.

I like it. But then, I like the Robot too... One point to consider is that this website has so much more to offer than "just" electronic type stuff. I like Arduino stuff as much as anyone, the new shirt really does express the spirit of the site.
Now, if the Robot was munching a bacon cupcake while assembling his werewolf costume on his custom workbench.....

Yeah this would be fun, or possibly an exploded view, with many of the other things done on Instructables as internal workings of the Robot.

I like it. It is very clean and sharp.

Agree, I really like the t-shirt because it true and simple,
Everything we do here on instructables told in 3 words.

It's not very distinctive. Needs more colour! Come back robot :'(


6 years ago

I like the idea of the "keywords" type thing on there, but I like the original designs better. These words could go on the back though, for sure.

The robot is an icon. It has sentimental value. He will feel so rejected. I miss him already!


They should at least put him at the back of the tshirt.


Yes please... the robot ... anywhere visible

Robot definitely needs to be on there somewhere. It looks too plain without him.

I want that weird little robot. Are you gonna put '.com' on the shirt, too?


6 years ago

I like it. I'd like it even better with a little yellow instructables robot placed centered below the red instructables word. That would really work!

What about at the very right, under the "...es" of Instructables, to maintain the visual flow?

No. I think centered under instructables is more interesting. The black shirt is great and choice of writing olors works
well. Now we just need that little yellow robot! It's sort of like having a cake without the icing!

Agree with Lindie.
BTW. Attention! "Save the Robot" meeting Ontario Chapter meets in 5 minutes ;0)