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A powerful EMP generator, to disable (temporarily) stereos in my neighbors house. Answered

Hey guys, I'm trying to build a portable EMP generator, which will be powerful enough to knock out (temporarily) my neighbors stereo (if he plays it on loud at midnight again). My setup is as follows: 8 330v 160uF Capacitors wired up in series. 8 330v charging circuits for the capacitors with their outputs in series wired to the capacitors through a switch. The 8 capacitors are wired up to a coil through a switch. The coil is made from 6 gauge wire (or a 1/16" copper strip) that is coiled 5 times. I would really appreciate any feedback because this is a fairly large undertaking for me, and i'm kind of nervous at working with over 2000v of electricity. Does anyone know if you can discharge a cpapcitor by throwing it into a swimming pool???


Some general points for readers new to this topic:

● If an EMP affects one neighbour, it will affect all neighbours, left, right, up, down.

● There is no such thing as a temporary EMP. Fried electronics stay fried.

● The use of such devices are probably illegal in your country. In many countries, they will count as weapons, and their use might contravene your country's anti terrorism laws.

● In all cases, you must attempt civilised negotiation, law enforcement agencies and court orders before resorting to actual attacks on your neighbours.

The ONLY thing you do by knocking on the neighbors door and asking them to turn it down is to put a target on your head. Now they know who to retaliate when the cops inevitably get called (if they even show up on a noise complaint for that matter). People only understand violence and force. If you overwhelm them right away it will end. If you try and be nice, it will go on forever and you will most likely loose.

Kiteman is correct 100%

Have you considered of moving under him get a discount on the rent first and set up a 1/2 hp vibrator screwed to the ceiling beams where he sleeps and get him to capitulate or move ((I know this worked))

The other is a very directional induction horn that induces hum to pink noise in his audio system run it on pi intervals.

Better yet the guy likes to play music so loud get a large sub and pump low frequency into this guys room under his bed.

You are evil. Are you sure you are not my downstairs neighbor? Are you messing with my wifi? Actually, I can hear the guy snore in the adjoining house.

Oriental walls are so very thin...

Even better yet, get an older 23 channel CB radio from a thrift store or
garage sale. Hook up a good 12v power supply and a slightly mismatched
mobile CB antenna to it. Place the unit on the wall nearest your
stupid neighbor's stereo. Now key the mic and say something like "turn
the d))) stereo down". The signal should copy onto the finals of their
stereo in a slightly audible fashion so they can hear it. I know
because this happens to the stereo in my upstairs bedroom when I key the
mic on the CB in my truck in the driveway. This is only good for about
10 to 20 feet, but it does work.

hiya buddy. does this really work? will it work on any speakers. thanks in advance

Make a sound triggered arduino bot that plays annoying noises right back at them!

Ive been reading this for like 9 years now. Solutions range from everything from EMPs to Electronic warfare, to Xrays.

What ever happened to just knocking on his door and asking him to turn his stereo down? You dont have to get the police or FCC involved.

And for future reference, if someone is playing their music loud at midnight, they are probably having loud sex.

Because knocking on the door does no good anymore. This isn't the 40's where people have respect for their neighbors. I confronted my neighbor and it worked for short period the last time I confronted them I ask if they would kill their radio. Their response to me was I will kill my radio when you kill yourself. Peaceably don't exist anymore.

My Neighbors used to throw partys late into the night on weeknights sometimes. I took an ultrasonic frequency generator from mcm


Amplified through a 30 watt amp and midrange pa horn it at about 1700 hz and let it run till they went inside the pitch warbles and is extremely annoying it is marketed at much lower volume levels for teenage loitering control. If you already loosing sleep make him as misarable as you are pa horns are very directional and the high of a frequecy is also

Hey rkscott, I googled it. It is a small device I notice.. how does it work? What else do you need?

Just go get yourself an AM CB radio put a short piece if wire into antenna socket and key the mic (WARNING ONLY KEY MIC IN SHORT BURSTS AS THE SWR WILL BE WELL OUT) In some countries AM CB is ilegal

How far can you reach with an EMP generator? Are your devices safe if you disconnect everything from power? Can it affect cars and motorcycles even while not running? Your adivse please?

what you are asking for is illegal it is actually called active jamming. Call the police file a noise complaint...

Would be easier to discharge capacitor with a screwdrive lol it the current not the voltage kills you

A 4000 volt bug zapper transformer may be preferable to charge an even larger capacitor bank, or you can use a 6000v neon sign transformer. Check the ratings (or combined ratings) of all capacitors to ensure that they are up to the task. A reflective or parabolic dish or waveguide antenna may prove a good option so that the pulse can be directional instead of possibly interfering with innocent marks around you. Large metallic coffee cans may be suitable for this purpose pointing the open end at the designated target. The coil of wire should be completely within the coffee can, and should not be shorted or grounded to any part of the can (at least for starters). Be aware that if you end up frying the neighbor's stereo and they find out it was you, serious legal consequences may result. EMP generator circuits are best used way out in the country and for experimental/recreational purposes only. Be sure to test your device on a cheap walkman type stereo out in the country somewhere before you try this in your neighborhood.

Or you can just call the police on them once and it will stop forever.

I saw a device on Gizmag.com that could disrupt drones with a electromagnetic blast of energy. That might work with what you have in mind or could be modified in order to disrupt a stereo system. Good luck.


By "high power electromagnetic blast" they mean that they send a lot of radio "noise" at the drone so it can't receive control information from the controller or gps information from satellites. Without any means of safe navigation, it will automatically land. It's very clever, but not quite as "DESTRUCTIVE" and "dangerous" as they would have you believe.

A small animal in the pool would help it to discharge.

Could you please explain what that means?

(Not to sound stupid, but I don't know about liquids or gasses)

It's a substance that allows animals to breath a liquid. Google is your friend.


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My e-mail is carlos_castrillo@hotmail.com

Let me know when you're ready to TEST that puppy.


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I get very concerned when someone asks a naïve question such as "Does anyone know if you can discharge a cpapcitor [sic] by throwing it into a swimming pool???" because it shows that the person has no clue about basic electricity, and therefore should not be playing around with it. This kid will probably seriously injure or kill himself or someone near him. Now, having said that, I will comment about the intended project. First off, it requires a HUGE amount of radio frequency power to cause damage to electronic equipment at a distance of more than a few feet. So, unless you want to be standing right next to your neighbor's window or non-metal door, forget about trying to make an EMP generator to damage your neighbor's audio equipment. And just as others have said here, the effect is not temporary. A shorted transistor will stay shorted forever!

A better idea which MAY work, but is much safer than a homemade EMP generator is a jammer. It is actually fairly easy to make a device that generates electrical noise that will drive your neighbor crazy, to the point where he will want to turn down the volume. A simple explanation is to build a Tesla Coil, and hook a long wire to one of the terminals of the spark gap and stretch the wire as close to your neighbor's audio equipment as possible. If it works, the horrible static sound will be just too horrible to listen to. Keep in mind that transmitting intentional interference is very much illegal here in the U.S., and probably in every other country. Also keep in mind that you will not only interfere with that particular neighbor, but with every other neighbor within a fairly wide radius (possibly as much as 1/4 mile, depending on many variables).

The BEST way to handle your unfortunate situation is to call your noisy neighbor when he is sober and ask him to keep the volume down during the evening hours when most people are trying to sleep. If that doesn't work, then call the police. That's what they get paid to do.

Good luck.

That's not being naïve, that's being ignorant. Naïve would be believing it without asking questions, they obviously don't want to remain ignorant so they are asking questions. That's a GOOD thing.

But these days most "useless" questions and discussions in forums and message boards can be avoided by being able to put the question into a search engine like Duckduckgo or Google.


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can anybody send me a link where I can buy an emp from I need one please music is soooooo loud


Please read the various comments about the law.

If you blast him with an EMP, you are breaking the law, and potentially endangering lives (what if somebody nearby has a pacemaker or insulin pump? Or you zap a passing ambulance?).

If there is a genuine problem that cannot be solved by talking to your neighbour, your best recourse is to contact your local authorities (which specific authorities depends on your local laws).

I NEED HELP. I have a difficult situation. I have a child and a wife, and i just quit my prior job for another one due to pay issues. The guy owes me 700$ and I dont really want to go to jail, or have to resort to anything physical. I know this is wrong, and immature even, but i cant clear it out of my mind that he will not pay me what is owed. Ive chosen a different route. Is it possible to harness enough power from a homemade emp gun to take out a vehicle point blank range? Is the capacitor from a camera large enough? or should I use an older tv one? Battery? Please Help.

washing machines have capacitors too. charge them at your own risk while your in another room, do not handle them when charged.put one straight in the mains it explodes after about 10 seconds dependant on rating.( trimmer capacitors are added to reduce electromagnetic pollution)

try stuffing a cloth soaked w/ pet jelly inside the hatch... technically no damage but will cause a huge hassle

yes it will discharge.faster in salt water


Use an SSB (Single Side Band) CB radio, you can ask him to turn it down when you key the mic, that's what I used to do.

Andy, you nailed it. When I was a kid sitting in the living room listening to my Dad's stereo, the neighborhood toughs would get on their daddies' CB radios and talk for hours about girl stuff using handles like "Hot Lips" and "Blonde". When they took over the airways, my interest in Bach and the Public Broadcasting System turned to the local broads casting... ...but I digress. I meant to highlight the effectiveness of the SSB CB radio, and they weren't using a linear amp, just a Cobra SSB 23 channel and a magnetic mount whip antenna. :-)


I love your solution. can I also broad cast a really nasty noise.
Can the guy in the thumper hear your voice over or through his thumping sterio.
If so can you give me a little help on where to get one. and can I add a linier amp to it to boost the power? Is there a yagy or other type directional antenna that would make the power directional and more focused.
will all my neighbors also hear it in their tv?

Gene Walters

high voltage dc will discharge by electrolysis in water slowly. it will stiffen the emp and it would no longer happen. the emp would have to be continuous through an arc gap with very high power, using massive amounts of electricity to go long distances to affect somebody elses electricity and is highly illegal in our country if a radio wave or electronic broadcast of any signal isn't licensed. It's not quite legal for them to play their loud signal after specific times, so, it would be better off calling authorities instead of creating an emp. the emp can damage devices, in fact, most likely will damage your own electronic devices and cause harm to your self if strong enough. I'd be careful because it may cause x rays or microwaves if it is as strong as you wish to make it. EMP mods can easily be made from backwardly wired sonic purifiers. Look it up online to see what others offer for open source results, but, don't get caught , they may eventually figure out who's doing it by online posts because they aren't easy to build to amplify to operate in long distances, so, it wouldn't be long to figure out who's been searching for this online from your area and it would be evidence enough for a warrant to search , sieze and arrest you.

I think that Xrays are only emitted when detonated in space, but you where right on the microwaves part

Can ypu please tell me how did you make the CHARGING CIRCUITS for the caps???

Keep in mind that doing this is totally illegal, you will fry your own electronics if you successfully build it, and could potentially kill anyone who has a pacemaker that's drinking nearby. I can think of much better ways to get this problem solved.

ummm lets think about this aye? this emf is not directional, but unidirectional, so fry your neighbours is fry yourself. there is no temporary interruption a fryed circuit is a fryed circuit ,