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A preferred source for buying microphone elements? Answered

I have a vintage microphone that is in pretty poor shape. The coil inside the element has broken off on one side and I would have to slightly unwind the coil in order to be able to pass the magnet wire back through far enough to reattach it. On top of that, the transformer inside the mic was wired in a very odd manner and someone has clearly tampered with it, so who knows what has been done to it.

I am considering buying a new dynamic mic element and replacing the old one with it entirely. Can anyone recommend a preferred source for buying decent mic elements without having to but a whole microphone? At that, anyone know where to buy vintage mic elements?


Mouser Electronics

I considered this also, but I am not sure the microphone is worth the effort. It is old and looks cool, but I am not sure that it is a particularly good microphone.

Answering questions like this without knowing your location is very difficult - Http://www.rapidonline..com

because our handy local shops around Manchester, or the good mate who works for a BIG audio engineering company locally, or the little specialists I know of in Bury aren't going to help a lot if you live in San Francisco.....

Knowing WHERE people are materially affects the answers sometimes - it should be mandatory to at least put in your country of origin when you sign up!

This is Randy, we know his approximate location (San Francisco)


Tiny headphone speakers:

You might be able to use a tiny speaker as found in modern headphones, or ear-buds. I claim that these are physically similar to a dynamic microphone element, basically a coil, a diaphram, and a magnet. The impedance might not be exactly the same as the old microphone element, but I think this might be something fun to try, assuming you already have some broken headphones in your junkbox.

Besides that suggestion, I have no idea where you'd find a proper dynamic microphone element that matches the circuit in your old microphone.

There wiring basically does not make sense, but it is basically the element (including transformer), a switch and a jack. I am looking to replace the circuit inside the microphone with a new element.