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A proper K'nexsayer review (updated with pic) Answered

Well, I built the knexsayer a few minutes ago, and I realized there were no proper reviews on it.  So I made my own.

Stock: 9/10  Pretty strong, but still not enough to hold the gun up when I hold it there by itself
Handle: 9/10 Very comfortable and strong.
Body: 9/10: The individual panels are flimsy, but together, It's a literal brick
Pump: 7/10: Eh, it FEELS a bit flimsy in my opinion on the rails, but its still enough to work, and in reality, it's decently sturdy.  As for the pump itself, nice work.
Barrel: 9/10: Very strong, but front heavy and may be difficult to construct for a newcomer (not really difficult for me)
Turret: 8/10: Its really cool and all, but the only connection it has to the barrel seems flimsy.
Looks: 10/10: I like the look of it a lot

Overall: 8.8/10

Range: 9/10: Gets 65 feet with 4 #64 bands
Power: 9/10: Pierces cardboard at point blank
Reliability: 9/10: The pin guide breaks every time I pull the pump back.  I need a fix for it.  EDIT: Problem solved, I bumped it back up 3 points because it works now.
Innovation: 10/10: New trigger, New rotation mech, and pump action, all in a gun that performs very well.

Overall: 9.3/10


Now even though this is a good gun, I still may have some gripes that were unrelated to what I scored on.  In this case, I have 1.  It is very difficult to put rubberbands on the gun or take them off.  But I still love it.

Good night everybody.  And yes Knex_lover, I still have quite a bit of knex left over.  TD, if you wonder why I rated everything so high, it is because it deserves those high ratings, and I had little to complain about.


why is it rated so low?


I gave this gun 9/10.  In my book, that rating means "Superior".  I've been heavily modding it and it works better now.  It doesn't lose the look, but its easier to pull the pump back and the arm doesn't break anymore.  It handles 4 #64 bands great. 

I don't know, and I don't care.  Go away.

i am not leaving! *Brings out a big shotgun*

*brings out pencil, and throws it a DJ's face and runs away*

*shoots Seleziona with my big knexsayer*

uh no it doesn't, an m32 is a 6 shot semi auto 40mm grenade launcher, If I emptied it onto you there would be nothing left, nothing.

Do you have pictures of the modifications?

Only 2 of them are actually mine.  Mepain made one of the mods, Agent Harmsy made another one, and KSBF made another.  The ones I made are of the rotation arm and the pump, I can explain the pump mod right now:

Remove that rubberband on the pump and put it on the firing pin.

Oh, in that case, I dunno what's wrong with yours.  I'm starting to think I have the second best knexsayer in the world, just behind the original one made by Mepain.


8 years ago

I love this gun, but BakenBitz's version is 1,000,000 times better! 18 barrels! Good review, completely agree!

Too bad it isn't posted, now is it? 

Yeah, I could probably make it, but it would be interesting to see how the pump would work, the TR18 turret is 2 precise for the release lever thingy isn't it?

He used the TR rotation mech lol.

Ah ok :P
Did he post more than that 1 photo?

Not on the forum, he may have posted more pics on KIchat.  I dunno for sure, but it seems like something he would do.

nope. thats the only pic he posted, he never posted any in kichat but i wish he did cause i could have built it.

It's EASY. You replace like two pieces.

The Knexsayer pump mechanism would not work with the TR18 turret.

All you do is tear off that part of the pump. Just disconnect one rod, and you're good to go.

It's so simple. It should be a piece-of-cake mod from the original.

Not quite.  You have to figure out how he incorporated the BR rotation mech in the gun.  Then you have to yank out a bunch of stuff from the original ksayer.  And then the turret uses more parts than the original, which means I cant do it.

Its strange seeing you with lots of knex.

When i quadrupled my knex collection i was thinking, man i have so much knex i cant think of anything to build!

i think i build it not right.
because i have a much of problems whit t

tell me and ill solve them, mines perfect

one question how much black rods do u have?
in the knexsayer?