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A question about electro magnets and solenoids? Answered

This question was longer but this is the third time I'm trying to post it internet problems XD SO i guess if you need more info I can provide more.

Any way I was wondering if anyone had any tips for making stronger electro magnets and solenoids. I want to make some that can lift and move like 5 pounds, I have no idea if this is a lot or not so if it's unrealistic... woops.

Any way for the magnet I've been using nails I could find around the house, C batteries and magnet wire I got from radio shack,  and the solenoid I use the same power and wires but I took apart some random free pen form a gym and use a random long screw that only had threads around the tip and sorta wiggled around inside the pen case. In both cases they only could hold up or move about 8 ounces. any ideas on making them stronger? or am I just being unrealistic?


Cool thnkas everboydy, GUess I have lots of reading now yay..... mergh.

XD though does any one have any shrot hand notes about increasing the strength of solonoinds?

Here's a link to a free book on the subject at Google Books.:


For more strength, you need more of everything else;

More current, more wire wrapped around the core, and a thicker core.

Start with a lump of iron half an inch or an inch thick, and as many hundreds of turns of wire as you can manage,

Need a larger iron core, more turns of wire and a larger power source.