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A question: cheap hearing aid Answered

I know a 93 year old in a rest home. When her daughter threw her out of her house (really!) she didn't get one of her hearing aids. The one she does have is marginal. Buying new is *really* expensive, and she doesn't have any money (related to the process of how her daughter threw her out of the house -- she cried every day for 6 months. No kidding.). I don't have the thousands it would cost to make it right.

Recently we gave her an old cassette player and some cheap headphones. She loves it because she can really hear the contents of the tape.

I'm looking for a simple device, reasonably small, that has a microphone and can drive the headphones with adjustable volume. I'm thinking small (mp3 player size, not hearing aid size). Any ideas?


Here is a suggestion; now I am NOT recommending nor saying anything bad nor good about the following link, but this is the "type" of thing that you may need to consider: The link is here for the "suggestion"

One note: these are notable for picking up the slightest rustle of the clothing on the device itself.

If it works, I'm happy to try one. Easier than scratch building.. Do you have any personal experience with any such devices? Thanks so much for your time.

They work, as far as amplification is concerned. That is, they are "just" pure amps. Nothing fancy, nothing to dampen background noise, nothing to stop the rustling of the clothes against the box from creating noise, etc. They seem to be most helpful if a person is sitting fairly still as some of them are pretty good amps (loud). I have used them in the past to amplify other very quiet sounds, so they are good at that (most of them are). I just want to make sure you understand that there are drawbacks to going "cheap".