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A question for the code monkeys or those with too much time on their hands...? Answered

I am given to understand that "authors" is the smallest section of the Instructable community.

Next largest is non-author members, then non-member visitors.

Anybody willing to dig out the actual numbers or proportions?


Just an idle thought to occupy those who ought to know better...


typically, for any site,
1% contribute,
10% comment
100% view

Does the fact sheet for advertisers help at all? I wonder whether the Quantcast demogrpahics includes the member vs. author split? If not, it would probably require a script to get an accurate answer.

I just tried a Google "advanced search", accessing Instructables' internal database interface to user stats (/member/statscard/?screenName=XXX). Instructables' own search interface limits the number of results to 100 (ten pages of ten results each), so I went to Google directly. Here's my search string:

inurl:www.instructables.com inurl:statscard Instructables0

The "Instructables0" should limit the results to just those users with exactly zero published I'bles.

No, this technique is not accurate. The search above returns just 11 pages, a total of 104 unique members. Removing the "Instructables0" restriction still returns just 11 pages, with 107 results. That's obviously not correct, as the pure "inurl" should return the total number of Intsructables members.

I suspect your use of inurl to specify the domain might be overwhelming Google with other pages (redirects and so on). It does say "About XXX,000 results" but that figure is very inconsistent between pages of search results.

If you change it to "site:www.instructables.com" you get a much more consistent 98,000 for all users and 42,900 with Instructables0. I still don't know how accurate that might be, but it's more realistic than 107.

Also, I have passed the inverse Turing test: I convinced a machine that I am also a machine!

I had started out with the site: option, and Google complained that it was a malformed search. I just tried again, with site:www.instructables.com inurl:statscard and got "about 90,300 results." It only showed m 961, claiming the others were "very similar" (duh :-). When I add "Instructables0" it says "about 36,200 results," but again will only present 837.

Maybe the "global traffic frequency" on Quantcast?

> 82% of viewers are "passers-by", comprising 58% of hits.

> 18% of viewers are "regulars", comprising 40% of hits.

> <1% are "addicts", comprising 2% of hits.

Maybe that <1% are the authors?

Kiteman, I never did these computations as you, but your numbers seems to me awesomely reasonable.

Authors to non-authors wouldn't be that difficult via script. However, I'm not sure how you would count non-member visitors. Since they don't register, are you counting total hits from them? If not, then how do you tell when they come back to the site? A lot of if this questions to be asked, and probably limits it to staff only, since I don't think that information is freely available.


7 years ago