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A question on fans Answered



Would this setup work ?


Using four standard pc fans, if I was to mount them opposite each other, blowing inward, in each of the spigots (side ports) of the fitting in the pic attached and blocking up one end, would I get a useful air flow out of the open end, or would the fact that they are blowing toward each sort of cancel each other out.


If it makes any difference the main body of the pipe is around 110mm.




Best Answer 7 years ago

PC fans aren't very powerful.

So Two would probably work but four would probably not increase airflow over two. 4 would probably be trying to move more air than the tube could flow at once and they are not powerful enough to pressurize the tube.

That's good to know, I do have access to a air flow meter so it might be fun to add them one at a time just to see how much different it really makes.


7 years ago

Thanks all for your help with this.

They shouldn't cancel out. Your still moving air into the tube and it has to exit somewhere. As long as you cap the bottom end (the one you don't want air to come out) air should come out the top! Anyway, I really can't tell from the picture, but how big are those holes on the sides where you want to mount the fans? Do they fit snuggly or are there gaps where the air can escape from? I know your not working with liquids or anything, but the tighter the seal, the better the air flow will be.

Hope that helps a bit!

The holes on the side are universal of sorts, they are not actually drilled yet as they are designed to take a number of sizes of waste pipes, so there is plenty of room, to help with scale the pipe is 110mm in diameter, the plan is cut out the inner circle of plastic then to lay down a layer of mastic to level the bottom of the boss up, core a 3" hole, then mastic the fan to the boss and run a bead around the edges to seal it all up.

The air has to go somewhere so i guess it will come out of the end.