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A "Laughing Baby" got in my computer! How do I kill it? Answered

ok... several days ago an audio clip with the sound of a baby laughing suddenly started on my computer. I was on my daughter's Facebook page at the time.

It was kinda cute, but I have no idea how, why or where the clip was coming from.

A day or so later, the same "laughing baby" audio clip began playing when I was on different websites...  and another thing began happening:

My display screen began moving to the right. At first it was barely noticeable... then overnight I couldn't close a page or maximize it. They little tabs were totally missing. I tried using the keyboard right arrow, but had no access. Then the next day, the minimize tab was gone.

I have a back-up laptop, which is what I'm using now, but what say ye-computer-experts about the damn laughing baby?

What the hell is it and how the hell do I kill it?

The picture is of the tabs that disappeared, in case I was clear as mud. ;-)

Please HELP!?!



Have you tried resetting your computer to a date before the laughing baby appeared? I got a virus once from EBAY and had to do that.

For those who still wondering what is it. It is a Trillian app sound

As Kimberly suggested, I did a simple restore on this computer (to Jan 6) and the baby is dead!!!

ALL tabs are clear and present... YAY!!!! ;-D

I'll need to download a few programs, but no biggie.

My apologies to Vyger, but I must amend my "best answer" decision. Thanks for understanding and all of your effort, too.

Kimberly was/is correct!!! I set my computer back exactly 1 year and it worked. NO other functions were affected that I can determine. I checked both of my security systems which get frequent updates/downloads. To my delight NOTHING ELSE WAS AFFECTED.

>>>>But the crying baby is now dead, R.I.P. <<<<

This has been circulating around for the past 10 years... The quickest fix is to go to this website. Download the free Ad-Aware Software. (Don't worry it's safe). Then run it. Let it remove any viruses, trojans, spyware, malware etc that it finds. Then make sure you let it run on a regular schedule to avoid this in the future.

Tried Ad-aware, too. I couldn't get past the final "Upgrade NOW" promo to actually download the program.

I currently use AVG free and just downloaded the Advance System Care5 , (paid) 2 days ago. They touted malware removal. Did a deep scan and repair. That hasn't helped either.

I guess I will have to contact them.

I appreciate your efforts to help me, canucks girl!

Lots of antivirus programs don't really remove malware. Not to many years ago the addware and spyware companies sued the antivirus companies and won. Spyware programs are not viruses. A virus does not ask permission to be installed, spyware programs do. Somewhere along the way there was a statement of some type that had a button to push so you, or someone, agreed to install the program. That is the difference.
When Microsoft first brought out its software genuine advantage program they got sued by several states . The reason was that they designed it to install without your permission as an automatic update and if it determined that your copy of windows was not legit it would in effect disable it. In this way it met the definition of a virus. So they had to change the program so that it now asks permission to be installed.

Anyway, the antivirus I found works good is McAfee. Consumers reports did a rating of AV programs a few years ago and they rated it as # 3. Some AV programs just don't work that good,

Malwarebytes is very good at removing malware, but it will not usually remove viruses. Another free program that I used to use a lot is SpyBot search and destroy. but its a more complicated program that can remove the wrong things.

Also a big reason why I like my MacBook. ;)

Don't worry, they'll get virusses when Macs rule the market, then PC is safe. Anyway, back to the topic, have you tried going into safe mode? Boot and keep tapping F8 'till you see the options. Select Safe mode, boot, and run a virusscan. I advise Bullguard Internet Security, it isn't really cheap, but it's great. It can even find and destroy Android virusses, it already picked up some APK's that where infected. And no, not false reports, it doesn't say Malwarename: WIN32:*name*, but Android:*name*. Bullguard has plenty of functions that can remove this, and prevent it from happening again. It checks all files running, checks on updates for other programs like Java, because older Java updates can be exploited, and virusses like the baby spread like that. It has gaming mode, a spam filter for most email software, firewall, ect. Well, this virus remembers me of Navashield, it would laugh at you too, but even open adult sites, make Microsoft Sam curse at you, scare you, ect, untill you buy the fake Navashield. Well, good luck getting the baby away!

A lot of times, the intrusion on your machine is preventing access to programs like AVG and Ad-aware and thus the removal of the problem. Since you've paid for additional services with AVG, contact them and have them assist you. Sorry we couldn't help you further. Its sometimes difficult to help when we can't access the machine.

Thank you canucksgirl! I'll definitely follow your advice!!!


6 years ago

OK, this then gets a little more complicated but is the next step.
You need to pull the hard drive from the infected computer. Then use an external drive USB connector, and plug the drive into a system that has a good antivirus installed and working. Run a scan of the drive using that. When you boot from a drive its active and some files cannot be accesed or altered or repaired. When you boot with another machine the drive is inactive and any files on it can be deleted or repaired. Like I said, its more complicated but often more successful.

I have a computer system that has been kept just for this kind of thing. I used to call it my tester system because we stick any questionable components in it to try out. And it has an up to date antivirus so it runs scans. My son took up calling it the whore, but in truth a whore gets paid, this poor thing just gets used so its more of a victim. It has cleaned up a lot of stuff over the years and has only gotten corrupted a few times.

Thank you for the in-depth analysis, Vyger. You've been incredibly helpful.

I'm going to contact ASC and see what they can do for me, considering I have a paid subscription with them.

If all else fails, I can have the computer "cleaned" when I get back to the states in May.

lol... I don't know what a hard drive is... but I do know my limitations! I'd best leave this to the pros. ;-)


6 years ago

In the never forgettable words of my mom that I heard all to often, "Now you did IT."

Its either a virus or a spyware/malware program.

Run a full virus scan, if you don't have an antivirus already, get one.

If that comes up with no results then download Malwarebytes and run a full scan with that. It kills bad spyware programs.


You might need to install it in safe mode and scan in safe mode as some of these nice programs disable windows to prevent their removal.

By the way, its kind of funny that it took so long for your question to show up. I suppose the word combination of How to kill and baby set off the filters big time.

If you are successful with this you can make an instructable

"How to kill a laughing baby". I wonder how many days it would take for that to post.

lol my question about a microwave and wifi is still in the filters somewhere over Pixieland :)

Ran the full scan, which took about 30 minutes. Clicked all the 114 appropriate boxes
for removal. Did a somersault while simultaneously singing kumbaya backwards.

No change. I can't even log in to Instructable on that laptop. The whole upper right hand side of the display page is unobtainable.

Thank you for trying to help!