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A real challenge for you K'nexperts Answered

I've had this idea for awhile now though I figured I'd save it for myself. I finally decided I don't really feel up to trying to make one myself. I'll let you do that for me. Basically the idea is a "perfect" war weapon. I'm not sure if the idea will be realistically perfect but the idea sounds cool in general so on with the challenge. Basically the point is to incorporate a close range, medium range, and maybe a long range weapon into one compact package. My idea of this is a pump action, repeating shotgun or easy to reload normal mag gun, a bolt action or turret gun, and possibly a slingshot. I have a paint drawing of my design for the concept for you to look at for an example. You are free to use whatever ideas you want though as long as you have a short and medium-long options. I don't care if you have a slingshot as I don't think they'd be super effective but it would be impressive to see you pulling it off.

I will be judging the guns personally. Seeing how I don't have the time to build all of them I'll just have to judge them by first impressions so therefore I will be judging on:
Looks- It shouldn't look messy. As long as it's rather clean cut I shouldn't mind too much.
Size- I want it as compact as possible. I don't care if you have a stock or not as long as it looks good.
Efficiency- Kind of similar to size. I want to see how well you can make the gun work.
Effectiveness- I'd appreciate a video or otherwise an honest summary of how it performs. I don't care how far the short range gun can shoot as long as you can dish out some heavy fire. If you choose to add a slingshot, it should be tested with rifled rods (finned). I don't care how big the turret is if you choose to use one but chances are I'll only have enough pieces to make an 8 round turret.

The one that I like the best I'll build and review in a video. Be warned I'll probably be harsh (but pretty generous as far as this gun goes if you can get the whole thing working) as I use 5/10 as my average base. 10/10 means that it was executed perfectly so don't expect to get one in any category.

So who's up for the challenge? C'mon I want to build a gun like this but am too lazy to do it myself lol. You may proceed to look at my crap paint drawing.



8 years ago

 Here's what I've made so far.


Dude, I gotta ask you something.... Do you have huge hands? Because it seems like almost every gun you make has a ginormous handle.

ON TOPIC: You're going to add a turret, right?

 A turret and pump have been added.

Cool. Is the pump for the mag loaded part, or turret part?

 Mag loaded part, like in Dunkis' pic.

Cool. Pictures?

you should post it when you finish, i would love to build it and add a slingshot

Nice. Looks a little box though. Are you gonna add the slingshot?

Pandora's box. Good name right thar

It's the box.........FROM HELL!!!

Looking at what Seleziona has done and what Jollex is working on, I find a problem.  All these guns will make 1 large gun thats unwieldy, more so than knexsayer IMO.

I can do this with no problem. Well maybe not no problem but it will be more then less easy. I have to say I'm okay with "multiguns". Anyway, I'll take the challenge.

Okay, i made the bottom part, it's a small (not really) pump action shotgun that uses a new shell holding mech, so all i have to do is build the top :) The top won't be hard...

That would just reduce the power of the slingshot.  Oh well.

 I'm not putting a slingshot on mine.

Solkill3r made one of these. It's on his youtube channel.

Well, sorta. But he wants a short range + medium range. Not medium + long. But if you added a short range, it'd be good.

BTW: LOLoodammoo


8 years ago

 Now this is something worth trying out, thank you for sharing the idea.  I'm gonna try, probably gonna use Brad's magstrike shell once again, seems perfect for this gun.

I posted something similar to this on Knex Concepts, I called it the adjustable range rifle. This is isn't a copy, I'm just saying, take a look at my version too, mine just has a slingshot and pin gun fused together.

Well this is just too good to pass up ill try tonight but no guarenties it will have a shotun bellow it.

i'll try. i've been looking for a good excuse to make my compact rifle that's no larger, stock included, than a normal stock because it has a set back barrel system.

Well look at my Project PAWS :D It's got the most firepower of any k'nex gun (or system).

Pity it weighs 4 kilos all up :S:S
But if someone could miniaturise it, surely that would be what you're looking for?

the TBAR sorta does that but hey I'll give it a go!

Now thats complex. I have a few ideas, and might attempt this.

Tip for anyone going to try this: My idea is to have the turret and the mag on the same gun, but simply have the mag get locked when the turret is engaged and vise versa.

as for the sling, that's simple enough, and attaching the two triggers together shouldn't be amazingly hard.

By the way, that pump in the picture looks very awkward to use lol.

8 years ago

Ok, I'll try. But it'll be a while. I'm busy with a bunch of crap I don't feel like getting into. So, do you care when I get it done?

If you want a turret gun, a mag gun, and a slingshot gun in one, that doesn't add up to a possible design, unless you made the mag gun a pseudo semi auto. 

For a shotgun, I would just use a knexsayer with multiple rounds shoved up its barrel. 

And what if it turns out that the gun you have in mind will use too many parts for you to build?

Sucks for me then. As long as you cram everything together as much as possible I should be able to. The slingshot isn't needed either. I'd be satisfied with a pump action shotgun under a turret gun. I don't like the tube styled turret guns though.

I have an idea for a shotgun thing, but it would take forever to load.  Basically you would have to hopper load a pseudo semi auto, then load a turret. You would have to cock the turret gun each time and when fired, it would fire a rubberband from the pseudo semi auto, connector ammo from the pseudo semi auto, and whatever from the turret gun.  The ranges wouldn't be consistent, but whatever.

i think i have a idea for the shotgun and some other stuff that will make this drawing come to life


8 years ago

thatd be hard

I might give it ago. Can i incorporate my full auto in it?

I think i will try.
I am thinking about something very compact and sturdy.
I think it will have a 8 round turret and uhh.. i dont know im just going to make something.