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A real high-tech question--how do I hardboil eggs so the shells don't stick? Answered



9 years ago

1. Place eggs in pan while water is cold.
2. Bring water to a boil.
3. Boil for 15 minutes.
4. Immediately move eggs into ice water!

The cold shock should help the shells separate, and they'll peel quite easily.

I'm usually to lazy to actually put them in an ice water bath, so instead just pour off the boiling water and run a bunch of cold water over the eggs (either in a colander or the original pot) as I peel the rest.

Thanks! That helped alot and I didn't even ask the question.

I once saw someone do the following: Boil the usual way. Then after switching to the cold water for a few minutes, peel just the ends. Then take a deep breath and blow the egg out the LARGE side. It's amazing to see - and it works for me.

I hate when that happens. what I do is once you start boiling them, and think that the outer most layer of the egg white has firmed up enough. you take the back side of a knife and crack the shell. Just knock it so you see the crack, don't break it apart obviously. don't be alarmed if a little bit of egg white leaks out (IE a few drops is okay) all of this is done while the eggs are still in the water. once you're done. cool them off in some cold water and voila! very easily peeled eggs!. the cracked shell lets some water get in between the egg and the shell. I can usually take the shell of in two large pieces

After you boil the egg(s), pour off the hot water and replace with cool water. if you let them sit a full day in cool/cold water, the egg inside the shell shrinks away from the 'skin', and makes it easy(er) to peel. If you don't have that kind of time to wait, when they are in the cool water, crack the shell so that water gets in under the shell. Shells peel right off after about 3-5 minutes in the water.

You can also crack the shell and if the egg is still warm, roll it across the counter for an all around 'crush' and slip your thumb under the shell and it all lifts up like orange peel.