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A request: IF I have promised ANYTHING to anyone, please remind me. Answered

Things have been like a fart in a whirlwind around my household of late and I am having difficulties remembering what ibles, ideas, etc. I promised to whom,  or if not promised, at least said I would do my best to do.

I feel like I am letting a lot of people down, just because I can not recall (probably because it has been SO long since I have been really active here.

At least, if nothing else, I  can write them down so I have something to remind me, in case my life goes haywire again.

Thanks all ! 

OH and if there is a serious person out there that I owe some credit (for an ible using some of their equipment, etc)  please PM me. 


Thanks.....I got the info I needed..... :-P

You promised me a rose garden back in the fall.

Don't remember you promise to send me 100000 US dollars?

Would you like that in pennies or large paper currency?

Pennies, please. I need Zinc and copper for my next space ship.

The Canadian penny will no longer be issued -it's going to be weird for a while until we all get used to it.

honestly though, I was trying to be serious....I DO feel like I have left someone out of a communication, or a shared recognition or something.....I seem to remember that the erector set I am currently using to make a kit for Cindy (my young aspie science student), but again, I am not sure who to recognize. Those that know where I am coming from here, should PM me.....

Yes, I will send it. A single $100,000 note to save postage :-D

I am guessing that check for $1,000,000,000.00 is in the mail but I shouldn't expect it to be delivered on Saturday.

It's not a check, it is a single bill (note). *sigh*

If you hold it up to the light and look at the watermark, is it worth the paper that it's.....wait


Canadian mail is quite slow. I will be patient. It's o.k to send it in Canadian $ ;0)

With all the snow we are getting, the posties will need a team of sled dogs to deliver the mail. But you know how expensive it is to feed a pack of wolves, that's why they are going bankrupt and need to curtail Saturday service as a cost cutting measure...and no cable TV.

Snow ? I saw a grand total of 4 flakes today, and a little snow too, but nothing that stayed around :-D

Sadly, if I get on FaceBook, I see a lot MORE then just 4 flakes :-D

Well, the school busses here have been cancelled two days in a row, and snowmobiles are scooting past my front door; as fast as their tracks mark the snow, more snow covers them. I am inside fighting yet another bout of yuckie germs, gifted to me from my sweet students.
Quite frankly, I am not impresed, so don't tell me the cheque is in the mail.

The wind blows out, the bubble dies;
The spring entomb'd in autumn lies;
The dew dries up; the star is shot;
The flight is past—and man forgot.

The Hawkster feels poetic today! :-)

Waxing poetic
The hawk has become
Whether he do it with others
or do it alone.

Ok, that doesn't rhyme the best, but, hey, I spent all of 8 seconds on it....

I can rhyme anytime, or even with any Thyme. ;-)

You promised to teach me to read!

No really, hope you're well...

I am well, but harried, and a bit anxious, knowing that IF I did say I would do something specific for someone; they probably will not "come forward"; not even in PM *sigh*

It may not be that important, you've put this up, if they're busy they may not remember either. As long as you continue to pun all over the place I imagine there'll be little in the way of trouble.

Oh I don't think there will be trouble (except in my own mind), just am putting things right here at home, and would like to do the same in here IF I can.

You're usually right in here about something other, occasionally it's even the topic at hand...


5 years ago

Ahhh  those tragically stressed womenfolk of before modern computers made
all lives a superb imaginary luxury  ;-)