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A request from #2 son Answered

#2 son has just seen =SMART='s Paper Robot, and, of course, he's making one.

Now, though, he wants to see another version.

He wants somebody to make a knitting pattern for Robot, then he could persuade Kitewife to make him one.

(And, personally, if anybody has a copy of the infamous Adipose pattern?)


Oh great... what will he want next? Building plans for the Instructables robot skyscraper?

Fruit Punch. The new ones in the plastic bottles.

My mom bought the huge box from Cosco, and I am actually drinking the Fruit Punch one, even when I commented Kiteman. I can get a starberry kiwi or whatever, but nahhhhh.

I wish I didn't have this Snapple.. Just kidding. I love it.

I would steal your Snapple if you didn't want it.

Oh well, I'm drinking some random half empty vitamin water I found in our fridge. I have no idea whose it it

It's someone's who lives here. I think it might have been mine.

and if it isn't......backwash, lovely backwash :-p

You don't have to worry if you drink from a cup: it is those that do not use a cup that we have to worry about ;-)

If he made his tea in a clean cup, there will be no backwash in it, as per the conversation further up :-) Someone that drinks from a pot or jug, without a cup, is the worry.

got it ;-) i though you meant that don't drink at all

Wait... you mean you aren't supposed to drink from the jug?!

Guess who's house I won't be visiting for refreshments LOL

I beat you all! Tea, Snapple, Vitamin Water. They all suck. No offense. I have...


I pretty much stick with water too.....a very occasional coffee, but it is rare.

I've been thinking for a while how I could make a knitted instructables robot. I think I have it mostly figured out but I'd have to actually knit it and that would take a while...

I tried knitting, I really did, but it wasn't for me...

And I turned the knitting needles into robot ears. I put them in some ear protector headphones, and now my little sister looks like a robot.

Hehe that's a good use for knitting needles. Besides knitting of course...

Knitting needles
+ Black spray paint
+ Red ear protectors
= robot spawn

I LOVE DOCTOR WHO... However, Tom Baker was the only REAL doctor. He made the series what it is today.

btw: the end of "Forest of the Dead" was as bad as the end of "Family of Blood", I'm annoyed with the Stephen Moffat episodes... they show a lot of promise, but he kills the endings (except "Blink" - awesome). I am worried about the 2010 series...however, "The Doctor's Daughter" could be an awesome precedent for future story arcs.

I think he's a better than the other... Russel Davies?

I don't think Davies is very good, but he's gotten good people to help him out. when he works on his own (love and monsters... etc) he's terrible. However, I just don't like this "narrated legend" manner of ending episodes. The doctor needs to remain accessible and sympathetic, despite his amazing record. I also was quite put off by the "everybody lives" ending, when people die, they need to really die. Otherwise, the Doctor isn't playing for serious stakes, and it belittles his accomplishments.

Well, I am watching (on youtube) silence in the library, and two people die on that! So far...

Ah, but they are "expendable" people, people who come, die, in one episode. =)

If you can find a UK proxy you should be able to watch the latest episodes on BBC iPlayer. ;-)

Heh, it seems to be like the old star trek missions: whoever is wearing the red shirt will be killed before the next commercial break!

Question: If Donna could be brought back from the hard drive, why can't River Song, Et al, be brought back too?? Why do they have to live on the hard drive for all eternity? I don't get it.

Donna, et al, was brought in through a transmat (teleport). The buffer stored her whole body, on an atomic level. On the reconstitution side of things, the machine only had to complete the teleport and map new neural connections corresponding to her memories. River, et al, was only stored at an eidetic level, so any body she had in the simulation was a simulation that only had to pass visual inspection and allow for physical interaction... basically, she wass only a 3D wireframe with a high poly-count and a good texture layed over it... hence, no resurrection possible. yay for amazing amounts of nerdy deduction!

I mean, they transplanted CAL's living mind into a computer...so why can't they transplant River, et al, 's minds into new bodies?

But why can't they transplant her mind into a new body? This is the 51st century!

Oh, wait...just saw forest of the dead. Never mind. I personally like how people come back-I'm sick of people dying. Even on tv, it's slightly traumatic. I enjoy a show that resurrects people for a change. Just my two cents worth.

nods in agreement...Baker was my fav doctor. "I love your butler, he's so violent"